Chinese IT Business, dare to ask where the road is?

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The domestic IT business is really hard for TMD. If you want to survive and develop, you have to think more about where is the way out? A little confused


Recently, I have invested in the fixed asset management system of Hangzhou XX Institute (a large scale). I have a good idea and I will share it with you. first of all, some people are still very open and fair. First, they collected the functions of the fixed asset management system and so on.

01: The fixed assets management system should be presented in plain text, function introduction, PPT, etc. The other party will understand the general quotation.

02: one month later, you are required to purchase the bidding documents and participate in the bidding. The bidding documents cost RMB 100, and a deposit of RMB 5000 is required for the bidding.

03: after more than half a month, I had to submit a bidding order, prepare relevant materials, print and bind the bidding documents, and send the bidding documents back and forth. I spent about 200 yuan on taxi fare. printing bidding documents and binding cost nearly 200 yuan.

04: XX requires a tag printer, 6 handheld devices, and 4000 fixed asset tags. The lowest price is awarded, and one year of technical support is provided, 10 network connections are required, and access services are required for several office sites, in addition, the functions to be implemented in fixed asset management are clearly listed with dozens of requirements. The acceptance is based on the functional points.

05: The naive thing about bidding is that it is quite sad: a company named Niu B actually quoted 34 thousand RMB. The hardware part was 17 thousand RMB, and the software part was 17 thousand RMB.

Big Brother, if you need so much hardware, you will have to quote 17 thousand and I agree. Big Brother, if you want to provide technical support for one year, you also need to train nearly 10 people and the software is genuine, security debugging is also required. In case of any problems, you need to re-install the software and import and export the data. If the software is unavailable due to network issues, you need to provide on-site services, big Brother development invoice also needs to pay at least 3% of the country's tax.

XX also proposed that the data of fixed assets should be imported into the financial software in use.


There are so many requirements that such a formal organization should use nearly 10 leaders to evaluate the evaluation. We have bidding for 34 thousand yuan and several other bidding companies for 55 thousand yuan. Is this in Africa? Is software in China so cheap? Is AI so cheap? Providing one year of technical support and on-site services is also a relatively economically developed metropolis in Hangzhou, the provincial capital. Are you engaged in such a low price competition? What is the profit? No one should have a good life.

My offer is exactly the sum of the first three companies. Is it my mind? I knew that I was able to report this offer, so I had to look at my children in real time at home. I was too lazy to make a bid to avoid disrupting the market. It was really terrible.


Recently, I have been thinking about whether there is a problem with our values?

KFC has a small bowl of rice porridge. It usually sells for about 5 yuan. It seems that it sells for about 8 yuan at the airport. Why don't people compete for the price? Why are we always engaged in low-price competition in the IT software industry? Who is the lowest price every day? The lowest price. What do you earn? What about the northwest wind? How can I raise my wife and children?


IBM engineers seem to start billing from the company, with an hourly cost of 2000 yuan, and cannot guarantee that the IBM server can be repaired properly. The hardware during the repair process also requires additional charges. When the company makes money, it makes money for the employees who work in the company. They can live a good life and make money to buy other things, which also promotes the development of other industries.


We use TMD to compete for prices every day. No one wants to make money. There are many poor people, because they do not make any money and have no money to purchase other things, I don't have the money to buy software from other developers, because the work is well done, but the pockets are empty. What can I use for consumption?

I can't make money from others, or others can't make my money. Others don't make money. Naturally, I can't make any money. No one can buy anyone's services, the Society is where you serve me and me, and serve each other to improve the quality of life and solve problems.


There was a big project where the domestic boss put a bid of 2 million and the Japanese boss put a bid of 10 million. As a result, the big leaders were very smart. They asked the Japanese boss to win the bid and then asked 2 million of the requests to the Chinese companies, then let Japan manage and let the Chinese people work, so we can rest assured that the Chinese people work hard. What the big leaders want is the overall effect, not to save money, everyone is earning money. Big leaders are happy, Japanese devils are happy, and Chinese bosses have jobs to do.

No one can make any money, no money can flow, and no service can drive each other. That is, my superficial understanding of the Chinese software industry. People in the industry like price competition, projects that can be earned by others have been made a land spread project.


I also want to laugh when I think about it. The decoration at home is very simple. It took more than 0.1 million yuan for a few people who have never been to college to complete the renovation. A fixed asset management project with hardware, software, and interface requirements in a large formal unit has a 34 thousand pre-tax amount before tax, and a deposit of 5000 has been lowered. How can the Chinese mind get into the water? How many cheap people does he need to find? How is this cost controlled? I got it.


We hope that the cool competition in China's IT industry will bring a cold water to those developers who want to start their own business. If the accumulation is not enough, they still need to work with peace of mind. The quality of life will be better, and less effort will be better. In fact, why is the living environment in our industry so bad is caused by ourselves.


Sometimes I will think, everyone says the Chinese are hardworking, brave, kind, and smart? I will doubt it.

Are we more hardworking than Japanese?

Are we smart? Are we Americans smart?


Have you lost yourself? Harm to self-interest? Benefit yourself? The cruelty of the market economy? What are the benefits of open and transparent bidding? Or is there a huge unimagined profit margin of 34 thousand? Don't forget that a 20 thousand square meter apartment in Hangzhou costs 3-4 yuan for a pound of tomatoes. I don't know how much a fixed asset management system can afford.


I bought six Apple mobile phones, and I bought another printer, 34 thousand, which is almost gone. What are we doing with the plane? Is our labor/service so worthless? Even a foreigner's mass production of several cell phones is not worth any money.


With permission management and workflow management, one person can do only a few things well.
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