Chinese New Year's greetings-2009 Chinese New Year's greetings-Chinese New Year's greetings

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A. Hongtu exhibition (Hongtu dashboard ).

B. Rich financial resources = no layoff: this is even worse.

C. Money is rolling = layoffs: Not only are people laid, but a large number of people are also cut off, which can be said to be endless. At the end of the day, there is still a "roll away "!

D. Wide promotion of financial resources (broad promotion of layoffs );

E. I think everything is done = salary four success: all the salary prizes are paid off, and only four success is left.

F. Financial resources (downsizing ):

G. Zhaocai Jinbao = banned and full: cut, not enough to eat, poor!

H. Everything goes well (everything goes well ):

I. Think about success (salary ):

J. Financial sources Guangjin = downsizing Guangjin: cut off a group of people and change the fresh blood.

K. Zhaocai Jinbao (banned from being full ):

L. Do you believe it or not: the financial resources are rolling in, the layoffs are rolling in, and you want to make a fortune ......

M. God of Wealth = God of fine: God of fine, not running?

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