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Recently, I love reading "blood mist", especially the classic discourse in it.

I. About Chinese people

Why is the Chinese nation suffering from external aggression? Why is the fall of Shanghai in 1930s? Wenkang has a saying in the play that reveals the inferiority of the nation and its Chinese people.

Wen Kang said: I have finally understood how Qin Yi has done anything he could not do, and he has done a great deal of harm to Yao Zhongliang Yue Fei. There are also innocent women, Dou E, in the face of the name of the rogue threat of marriage, Qu Zhao Ling, finally to the Day sad, June snow. This time I came to Wutong, started with a gentleman, and ended with a villain. I felt deeply sad when I beat my head first. When foreigners are aggressive and the troops are under pressure, the energy of our Chinese people is focused on how to think about people, whole people, pitfalls, and harm people. Between people, fraud, China discord, foreign deception, neighborhood, external humiliation. I think: I will not die in the hands of the killer, but may die in my own Apsara stack.

One philosopher said: every Chinese person is a one-stop train that can blow out the sun in one breath and settle down in the peaceful state. However, when two Chinese people come and become three people, these three dragons have become three worms, because the three Chinese will never be able to hold a group, nor will they be tied to a knot.

Ii. Fate

Xiao Cong and Wen Kang lived in Shanghai, but met Wu Tong. There was a series of interpretations about fate in the play, with an elegant and philosophical mind.

What is fate, spring breeze and spring rain, peach and plum blossom; what is no fate, people go to the shore of the pier ship, the dead leaves drop Gan Lin. Fate cannot compete, fate is fate, and fate is fate. It seems that the cloud is like the cloud, the wind and things, the vast sea of people, the flashy world, there are too many people to pass. There are two types of emotions between men and women. One is mutual affection, and the other is mutual ignorance. And those who love each other. The slang all reflect the open-minded realm of life of the works and the Confucian ideology that is at your mercy.

Iii. Moderate

Inspector Wen Kang is an upright and bloody man. His understanding of the mean means that he does not indulge in lust or abuses; he is neither foolish nor fraudulent; he is neither light-hearted nor cool-hearted, I will not be greedy for being out of school; I will be promoted, not arrogant; I will not be arrogant if I am rich; I am poor, and I will not let others bear me if I am rich; being a person is not excited or humble, not left or right; being rich or not capable of obscenity, being a poor person cannot be moved, being calm in mind, and being neutral in choice can surpass secular impetuousness. Such an interpretation of loyal justice and true feelings makes its mind brilliant, and its realm is open and unforgettable.

Iv. about human nature

With regard to the relationship between people, the drama uses metaphorical expressions to describe the essence. All sentient beings are living in the bitter sea of life and death. But it is a matter of heart, difficult to secure. The mind is deeply tested. The path of Taishan can be a carton. If the water on the Yellow River passes through the boat, it will be safe.

Senny, the western thinker, said: "others will always be the hell of me. People and people are like an iceberg floating on the water. Whenever spring is approaching, they want to get closer and get a little warm. But not close, it will be cold, close may collide, or even be broken. This is an exclusive way, revealing the sinister and cruel nature of human nature.

V. Tea ceremony

People who drink together can be enemies. Those who drink together must be friends. In the drama, Detective Wenkang and Japanese businessman Matthew Ichiro talk about the tea ceremony, which is an amazing addition of a well-spoken language.

Chinese characters such as tea, Buddha's tea, with blue light solitary shadows, morning and evening drums, insightful. Taoist tea, seeking empty valley virtual spirit, quiet and far, off the customs and dust. Confucian teaInspirationalMotivated, angry, and actively joining the WTO, all kinds of tea ceremony are exquisite. Ask for the sum of the tea.

Some people taste tea, there are hidden needles in the dark, the fight is fierce; some people taste tea, sound and sound, the sword and light, Jin Ge tie Ma, some people are imaginary, some are calm, some people drink tea, some pay attention to tea products, some pay attention to the charm of tea, there are also the virtues of tea, and the taste of tea. Brilliant discussion enlightening the mind and pleasing to the eye.

6. About roads

The so-called path leads people with the spirit of dare to lead, walk in the road, and open up in the thorns. Wen Kang shouldered a heavy mission and found a path long when solving the case. Looking at Wenkang, a Justice detective, he helped me with all his strength and gave advice.The Tao said: this is the road, the road will not be absolutely, the road is everywhere, the road is in the sky, the road is in the ground, the road is in your heart, the road is under your feet, the Tao is speechless. The lines show a long sincere affection, adding confidence to strength, and seeing hope and hope in the predicament.

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