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PHP is still a developing tool, and its functions are still being deleted.
The changes to the settings of php. ini can reflect considerable changes,
Before using the new PHP version, it will be helpful to study php. ini.
; About this file;
This file controls the views of PHP in many aspects. To allow PHP to read this file, it must be named
; 'Php. ini '. PHP will search for the file in these places: current working directory; Environment Variable PHPRC
; The specified path; the path specified during compilation.
In windows, the compiling path is the Windows installation directory.
In command line mode, the php. ini search path can be replaced by the-c parameter.
; The syntax of this file is very simple. The blank characters and the line starting with semicolon ';' are simply ignored (just as you may
Chapter titles (for example, [Foo]) are also ignored, even if they may
; Has a certain meaning.
Indicates that the following syntax is specified:
; Identifier = Value
; Directive = value
Indicates that the identifier is * case sensitive *-foo = bar, which is different from FOO = bar.
; The value can be a string, a number, a PHP constant (such as E_ALL or M_PI), INI
; One (On, Off, True, False, Yes, No and None), or an expression
; (For example, E_ALL &~ E_NOTICE), or a string enclosed in quotation marks ("foo ").
The expression of the INI file is limited to bitwise operators and parentheses.
; | Bitwise OR
; & Bitwise AND
;~ Bitwise NOT
;! Boolean NOT
; Boolean flag can be 1, On, True or Yes.
; They can be 0, Off, False or No.
An empty string can be used after the equal sign without any representation, or with the None Keyword:
; Foo =; Set foo to an empty string
; Foo = none; Set foo to an empty string
; Foo = "none"; Set foo to the string 'none'
If you use constants in the value settings, these constants are dynamically transferred extension libraries (either PHP extension or
Zend extension), you can only call these extension rows * and then use these constants.
All the values set in the php. ini-dist file are the same as the built-in default values (this is to say, If php. ini
; Is not used or you have deleted these rows. The default value is the same ).

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