Chinese programming is a silver bullet for programming by Chinese programmers

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" Silver bullet" refers to bullets made of pure silver or silver. Under the influence of European folklore and Gothic fiction since the 19th century, silver bullets are often portrayed as weapons of exorcism, and are special weapons for supernatural monsters such as werewolves. Later, it was also likened to an extremely effective solution, as a killer, the strongest kill recruit, Ace and so on McCartney.

Chinese programming (or Chinese programming language ) is a programming language written in Chinese, designed to reduce English learning, focus on programming, and facilitate program communication and code maintenance.

I don't think Chinese programming is "silver bullet."


1, the English programming does not need the programmer to the English to have the understanding, grasps the basic dozens of key words can carry on the basic program writing, as for the variable or the function name can by the search dictionary can by the rule name, uses many times, can easily remember.

2, Chinese characters occupy more memory than English characters, increase the burden of the compiler.

3. Chinese input is more complicated than English.

4, the code is not beautiful.

5, if you need to work with foreigners to develop procedures, not easy to communicate.

Chinese programming is a silver bullet for programming by Chinese programmers

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