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With the "eye-catching economy" sweeping across the Internet, thousands of dollars are rapidly flowing to the most eye-catching search engine market. A large number of surveys show that the search engine market is in a period of rapid development and has become one of the most promising industries in the next few years. As Google, Baidu, Chinese search and other distinctive search engines gradually become the most commonly used network tools, enterprises' attention to search engines has also been upgraded from "observation" to "dynamic force ".

As the market capacity and number of users surge, how to improve the search function to make it more fair, open, standard and humane has become a topic of high attention. However, there is a contradiction that constantly emerges: fees can bring profits to search engine companies, but at the same time, it will reduce visitor experience satisfaction. How can we balance the balance between money and user needs?
Google's success secret
As of 2004, Google ( has been named the world's first brand for two consecutive years, and Google was founded only five years ago, initially a research project for two Stanford University students. This is a miracle, just like Bill & #8226; Gates. Bill & #8226; Gates was able to create a miracle because he saw the trend in the personal computer software market, so the company he created was Microsoft (Microsoft): Micro (small) Soft (software ). What about Google? Before Google came out, there were already some very successful search engine companies with strong strength. It seems that not only Google saw the search trend. What is the secret of Google's success?
Google's success has many factors. The most important thing is that Google's ranking of search results is better than that of other search engines. Google ensures that most search users can find the desired results on the first page of the search results. The customer is satisfied and will be introduced to others next time. As a result, there will be more users. Therefore, Google has made itself the world's largest brand without making any advertisement. What sort technology does Google use? PageRank is the webpage level.

Google has a founder named Larry Page. It is said that he applied for the PageRank patent, so he got Page Rank based on his name. There is also a very successful search engine company in China, called Baidu ( ). Baidu founder Li Yanhong said that as early as 1996, he applied for a patent named hyperchain analysis. PageRank's principle is the same as that of hyperchain analysis, pageRank is still in the Paten-pending (patent pending ). The implication is that there is a patent ownership problem. The patent ownership is not discussed here, but we can see that the sorting technology of successful search engines is similar in principle, that is, link analysis. Both hyperlink analysis and PageRank are link analysis.

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