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Directory:1. Correct operation method 2. An error occurs when a blank page is displayed or the page cannot be displayed. 3. The file MK: @ * cannot be opened :@*. CHM 4. Solution to failure to open the CHM file in the XP system 5. Opening the CHM file in the English operating system 6. Running the CHM File 7. hhctrl. the ocx file version is incorrect.
1. Correct operation method1. Right-click the CHM File and select "open mode"-"Microsoft HTML Help executable" in the shortcut window. 2. If a prompt window appears, the CHM File publisher is unknown. Are you sure you want to open it. Be sure to remove the check box "prompt this window every time! Otherwise, "This page cannot be displayed. 3. After opening, the content area will be displayed as normal! Double-click the CHM File to display it normally!

2. An error occurs when a blank page is displayed or the page cannot be displayed. Solution: Right-click the CHM File and select "properties". Several more lines are displayed in the "General" column: "Security: this file is from another computer, it may be blocked to help protect the computer. Click "unlock" next to it to solve the problem.

3. "file MK cannot be opened: @ *. chm" Cause: (1minstall other software to build .chmand hh.exe lost Association (2) there is a problem with the region settings. (It may also be because a software installation automatically modifies the regional language)Solution: (1) the simplest task is to execute C:/winnt/system32/dllcache/hh.exe. (2) Register C:/winnt/system32/hhctrl. ocx (regsvr32 C:/winnt/system32/hhctrl. ocx) (3) try to adjust Control Panel-region settings-language

Iv. Solutions for Windows XP system failure to open CHM filesIf your operating system is in English, you only need to change the language settings in the control panel to Chinese.Procedure: Start-control panel-data, time, language and regional options-Regional and language options. in the regional options label, change the language to Chinese (PRC), so that the English version of the system can read Chinese e-books.

For the Chinese version of the system, see the following method: 1. Run regsvr32 itss on the command line. DLL 2, run regsvr32 hhctrl in the command line. OCX 3. Right-click the CHM File and associate it with "open mode" to/Windows/hh.exe. If the problem persists, try again because your XP has not been upgraded to SP2, hhctrl. the OCX version is too low. You can copy a later version to another system. If the e-book can be opened, but "this page cannot be displayed" is displayed in the right window ", save the following content as 1.reg, and double-click to import the Registry to regedit4 [hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosofthtmlhelp] [partition] "maxallowedzone" = DWORD: 00000003 [partition] "maxallowedzone" = DWORD In addition, after installing security update 896358 in windows, the simplest way to open the CHM file that you download is to click the attributes of the CHM File and find several more lines in the "regular" column: "Security: this file is from another computer and may be blocked to help protect the computer." Click unlock next to it to solve the problem.

5. cannot be enabled in English OSSolution: After decompression, the CHM file must be placed in the English path and renamed in English.

6. The CHM file cannot be run.

1. Try to change the file name and directory to an English name or an invalid file name, for example, Performance Tuning for Linux servers. change CHM to Performance Tuning for Linux servers. CHM 2, on the control panel-region and language options-advanced three select all Chinese 3, check whether the file you downloaded is incomplete or damaged, otherwise you should re-download, change the file name and directory to English 4, control panel-management tools-service-help and support to enable the Help and Support Center on this computer. If the service is stopped, the Help and Support Center will be unavailable. If the service is disabled, any service directly dependent on this service cannot be started. Check whether this is disabled or disabled, and the related service 5 is caused by damage to the dynamic link library file of HH. EXE. Check that the system directory contains the hh.exe file (such as C: \ Windows), which is used to open the CHM File. If the file is damaged, copy hhactivex from the System32 folder in another normal XP system. DLL, hhctrl. OCX, hhsetup. DLL and other three (or two) files can be stored in the same directory on your machine to solve the problem.

VII. The hhctrl. ocx file version is incorrect.The solution is divided into two steps: Step 1: Determine your hhctrl. ocx version; Step 2: install a new version.
Specific Practices:Step 1: Click "open my computer"> "Tools"> "folder". In "View", select "show all files, remove the following two check boxes for "hiding system files and hiding known extension Files. Search for the file named hhctrl. ocx. Find the file and view its attributes. In the version column, you will see the version of the file.Step 2: Find the hhupd. cab file on the IE installation disk and decompress hhctrl. ocx to the Windows/system directory. Then, enter regsvr C:/Windows/system/hhctrl. ocx in the Start-> run to register the file. After the restart, the problem is solved.

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