Choose an Nvidia or ATI video card

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Roughly speaking:

    • Nvidia's GeForce series is game-oriented, with a focus on speed and poor texture detail (such as antialiasing);
    • Nvidia's Quadro series graphics cards are designed to optimize software and hardware for three-dimensional modeling, such as Solid3d and AutoCAD.
    • Nvidia's Tesla series cards are designed for Cuda parallel computing, piling up a huge display core, but not outputting images;
    • ATI graphics card is the main focus is the display effect, the same price than GeForce display core more, rendering effect to be more gorgeous, texture details to maintain better, better anti-aliasing ability, but the game speed is of course a little bit.

For me,

    • Very focused on anti-aliasing, the most unbearable is the line on the screen is not a straight line but a lot of overlapping segments
    • Very fond of rendering good graphics card, because like to watch movies and scenery pictures
    • Very concerned about the number of display cores because of the need for parallel computing

The above three is enough for me to choose ATI graphics card, but compared to OpenCL, Cuda community Building is better, the information is much richer, developed to be more comfortable. So very tangled in the end to the N card or a card.

Choose an Nvidia or ATI video card

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