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Select Sort is a simpler sort, and its main idea is to find the smallest number each time the loop is sorted, put it first in the unsorted sub-array, and then proceed to the next loop.

The next time the loop, there is a number of sequential, less a comparison. This is accomplished with Python:

Def Choose_sort (a):        N = Len (a) for    I in range (0, N):         min_index = i               #最小数的起始位置        for J in range (I+1, n): 
    #每次从未排序的子数组开始循环             if A[min_index] > a[j]:                  min_index = j       #遇到比自己小的就把它的位置保存在min_index中        t = a[i]                             A[i] = A[min_index]         #把最小值保存在a [i], I is the starting position of the Subarray, the loop starts from i+1        a[min_index] = t            #把原来a [i] The value inside is saved to the location of the original minimum value, complete the Exchange    return a

Choose Sort Python

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