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I looked at a bunch of pictures on my computer that were pending and hesitated to turn off the computer. If you turn it off, many programs and pages will be reopened, and if you do not turn it off, the computer is wasting electricity in vain. It's a bit of a dilemma ...

Eldest brother smiled and said: "Win7 have sleep and hibernate function, choose a Bai!"

"What's the difference between sleep and hibernation?" I asked.

Eldest brother told me: the computer in the "Sleep" state will be cut off in addition to other parts of the memory power supply, working state of the data will be saved in memory, need to wake up, just click the power button or shake a USB mouse can quickly wake the computer to resume sleep before the computer state. However, because the sleep state does not save the desktop state to the hard disk, if the power is lost during sleep, the unsaved information will lose, and it is best to save the document once before the system sleeps. If you need a short time to leave the computer can use sleep function, can save energy and can quickly resume work.

The hibernate state is to save open documents and programs to a file on your hard disk, wake up the data from this file, and load the physical memory, which is the same size as physical memory. Because the memory written to the hibernation file is a disk file, read faster than the normal boot to access the disk more efficient, natural than normal startup much faster. In hibernation, even if the power loss does not affect the data already saved, when the computer wakes up, all work can still be normal recovery. After entering hibernation, all accessories do not have power, so the power consumption is very small. If you do not use the computer for a long time, you can choose Hibernation mode.

I want to go out to ride how to also have half a day, time is longer, choose "Sleep" mode good. Click on the Win7 desktop in the lower left corner of the circular button, and then click the "Shutdown" button next to the small triangle, but the pop-up menu does not have the "hibernate" option. I'm a little puzzled.

"Hibernate" option is not available on the Shutdown menu in mixed sleep mode

Brother said this is because the current Win7 system is set the "mixed Sleep" mode, after entering mixed sleep, the system will first save the data in memory to the hard disk, while cutting off the other devices except memory power. In the recovery, if there is no blackout, the system will restore directly from memory, only a few seconds, if the power outage, because the hard disk also saved the state of memory, so you can recover from the hard drive, do not worry about data loss. However, the hybrid sleep mode requires the motherboard's power management support S3 mode. If your computer supports mixed sleep, start sleep after you turn on the mixed sleep feature, and the system will automatically go into a mixed sleep state.

If we want to choose whether it is "sleep" or "hibernate" mode, you can turn off the mixed sleep mode in the settings.

Open the System and Security Panel in Control Panel, and in power Options, select Change the computer's sleep time.

Change your computer's sleep time

Select "Change Advanced Power Settings" in the Settings window that pops up.

Change Advanced Power settings

In the advanced settings for the Power options, we found the sleep option, which turns the original "open" to "off" in the "Allow mixed sleep" setting option.

Turn off mixed sleep

Now that we're back on the Win7 desktop, the Hibernate option appears in the "Shutdown" expansion menu.

The Hibernate option appears in the Shutdown menu

Brother told me. When the Hibernate feature is enabled, the system disk generates a sleep file that is consistent with memory size to store data in memory. If you want to use the Hibernate function, you must pay attention to whether your system has enough space for the stable operation of the system, generally speaking, the free space should account for about 10% of the system partition. If the system partition space is less, and do not need to use to the WIN7 system Hibernate function, also can turn off Hibernate function, save hard disk space.

The original Win7 system "sleep" there are so many rich patterns can be selected, in a variety of circumstances can be achieved both energy saving and can quickly restore the system use state. Click on "Sleep", let my Win7 system sleep well, and eldest brother go out to enjoy the sunshine movement!

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