Choshun: A discussion on brand management mechanism

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Choshun: A discussion on brand management mechanism

The so-called brand management, is through certain methods and means, reasonable use of various resources, in order to shape and maintain a good brand image and carry out all the work. Brand management is a part of brand building, is the guarantee of brand building, thus is the key work. Brand building is a complex system engineering, involving many factors, many links. Plans need to be made to establish organizational structures, to improve rules and regulations, to make scientific decisions, to coordinate relationships, and so on. So much work, pieces tightly closed, everything important, leave the management can do? The creation of the brand, does not mean that all the work is over, this is just long March walk through the first step, the future path is longer. The establishment of the brand, does not mean that there is a good brand image, today has a good brand image, but also not equal to tomorrow and a good brand image. How can we achieve both a good brand image, but also to keep it young? The only way is to rely on management.
the implementation of brand management must first have organizational assurance, brand management mechanism. The usual practice is to set up a marketing department, advertising department or brand department, the development of relevant plans, the implementation of brand management, the specific work is mainly divided by the functional departments, the functional departments within their own terms of reference to their own work management. The main disadvantage of this form of organization is the Division, coordination difficulties, work does not converge, the whole brand management can not be integrated. Also some enterprises implement brand manager system. Brand Manager system adopts brand group responsibility under the leadership of Brand manager. The brand group is generally composed of three or four people, responsible for brand management activities. These personnel should fully understand the company's development strategy, master the needs of distributors, target markets and competitors, coordinate the work of various departments in the enterprise, to make decisions on related issues.
founded in 1837, Procter and Gamble is one of the world's largest consumer goods companies. It in the long-term brand management, and constantly experience, the introduction of many effective brand management methods, the most important is the establishment of Brand manager system. It takes each brand as a small company to operate, brand managers need to consider brand issues as a whole, such as brand positioning, brand interests and product development, and from the organization to ensure the allocation of brand management resources, brand development planning, such as 3-year planning, 5-year planning and even 10-year planning. Brand managers are responsible for a wide range, including the coordination of the work of various departments, marketing strategy, advertising operations, promotional means, marketing all aspects of the cost of expenditure, all in the end. In order to adapt to the changes in the market environment, the brand manager also needs to coordinate the production stages, eliminate the blame between the departments, and make efforts to reduce the blindness caused by unfamiliar market environment. However, the brand manager system has gradually exposed some problems in the long run. The specific performance is: Each brand in order to compete for the market tends to denigrate each other, consumption, it is difficult to form an enterprise's overall scale efficiency; Each brand only cares about its own market planning, PR advertising, resulting in uneven brand personality, brand image is not clear, the marketing costs of each brand can not be integrated, comprehensive arrangements, resulting in the dispersion and waste of marketing resources.
Procter and Gamble companies to reform the traditional brand management system, the establishment of a new category control system. Category management refers to the company set up someone responsible for a category of production marketing. A category is a combination of a range of products or services that consumers consider to be interrelated or to be mutually replaceable. Companies to the same type of products into a category, and even some companies have access to the same distribution channels and other marketing resources of products classified into a category.
under the Category Management system, each category has its own responsible manager, all have their own production marketing team. Each category has become a strategic business unit, become a company within the enterprise. Category management organizations have research and development, production, marketing and other departments of personnel. The reform of category management is actually a part of the company's business process reengineering. Category Manager in the overall product operation, Planning category development Strategy, co-ordinate the marketing of category products budget, which is conducive to further integration of resources, planning, highlighting the brand image of the enterprise.
Category management requirements in the production, marketing process, always the customer's interests, customer's strength into account, it is not an isolated work, but a comprehensive, unified business model. Category management starts with the customer and ends with the customer. The ultimate goal is to enhance the overall sales capability of the product by providing customers with higher added value and enhancing customer satisfaction. Therefore, category management is not in accordance with the traditional brand of individual products to look at, but put them in large categories, to observe the entire large category of products to meet customer needs and the impact on the overall business performance. The innovation of the category management system and the traditional marketing model of the consumer products change the concept of manufacturers, marketers and retailers, and change their relationship with each other.
Some scholars have proposed the establishment of Brand management committee. It seems to be a good idea. The establishment of such a committee to have high-level leadership participation, not only can make the brand management get enough attention, but also easy to implement the concept of enterprise timely implementation of brand strategy in time. such as Hewlett-Packard Company has set up a brand management committee, specifically responsible for the establishment of the overall brand system strategy to ensure that the business brand communication and integration. It is no longer subordinate to the marketing department, but directly to the top decision-makers in the enterprise leadership.
now, a new position is quietly emerging in the company, some call it the chief brand officer. The Chief brand officer is responsible directly to the President or CEO, overseeing all aspects of the work, helping to build the brand, mastering the brand proposition and maintaining the brand image.
In short, from the brand manager system to Category Manager system, and then to the brand chief officer, are to adapt to brand development and the emergence of brand management mechanism. There are many types of enterprises in China and the level of management is uneven. What kind of management mechanism is best, not generalize. Mechanism does not have the absolute merits and demerits of the points, only the most suitable for their own mechanism, the most effective way to promote the healthy development of the mechanism of the brand is the best mechanism.

Choshun: A discussion on brand management mechanism

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