Chrome browser Debugging features Introduction

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(1) Open:

Right-click to select a review element or ctrl+shift+i or press F12 directly

(2) Introduction:

Elements (elements) view and edit elements on a page, including HTML and CSS

Resource (resources) to see the requested resource situation, including CSS, JS, pictures, Cookies, HTML5 database and Localstore, etc.

Network Analysis Web site requests, view request headers and response headers for a request, and respond to content. You need to open the developer tool First, switch to this tab, and then refresh the page before it appears.

Timeline (timeline) First open this tab and click on ' Start snapping ' below to show it. Displays all the time on the page, including running scripts, network activities, page rendering, and so on.

Profiles (report) can intercept CPU usage reports for a period of time, CSS class usage reports (used to weed out unused CSS), heap memory snapshots (for optimizing JS scripts and DOM structures).

Audits (audit) Let chrome give you a little bit of advice about which code is unnecessary and useless.

Console (console) JavaScript console

Sources (source code) for debugging JS, there is a list of all JS code on the left, the middle is the code area (below the function of formatting code), the right is a breakpoint, trigger, call stack and so on


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Chrome browser Debugging features Introduction

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