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We know that some Chinese pages are displayed as garbled in the Chrome browser. This is because the character set encoding of the Web page callout is inconsistent with the actual HTML file encoding of the page. This article is to share with you how in the Chrome browser, fast to the Chinese web page UTF-8, GBK and other coding conversion, solve the garbled display problem.

1, first, we open the Baidu API Store, as a case. Inside the page opened, it looks garbled.

2, then explain the need to adjust the chrome in the Web page encoding recognition settings. Click on the option icon button in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. and click on the "More tools" below.

3, click on the pop-up option: "Code"

4, at this time will pop up a Web page encoded menu. It contains a variety of web language coding. We clicked Select Unicode (UTF-8)

5, then chrome will automatically refresh the current page. Chinese garbled quickly become normal text!

Note: Most Web pages use UTF-8 encoding, the general choice of UTF-8 can solve a lot of garbled problems. Some multilingual web pages are garbled, displayed as boxes, most likely due to the lack of some character sets or fonts on your computer.

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