Chrome browser upload image file card death How to do?

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Chrome browser is very useful, but maybe some people in the updated version or reload the computer, with the sudden discovery of the upload of pictures or files when incredibly direct card death! Can only be forced off after the use of IE upload, this author has been very distressed. The author search the answer on the Internet, and did not get effective help, mostly prohibit the GPU to accelerate the use of flash or reload version of the solution, so the author in some of the answers inspired by accident found the fundamental problem, the following is the steps.

1, find the icon you often open the chrome, or on the desktop or in the taskbar, find it

2. What you find in step 1 is a shortcut to the Chrome program. Right-click the icon you found. If this is the icon, right-click and click Properties. Then skip to step 5

3, if it is the taskbar icon, right click will see a pull bar, as shown

4. Right click on the Google Chrome option in the Pull bar and click Properties.

5, click on the properties, you will see such a picture, click the "Advanced" option, as shown

6, put the "Run as administrator" on the hook, click OK

7, must be "application" point, let it become gray, and then point to determine the exit session box

8, and then open the browser, this time if the genuine system will have permission to prompt, the choice is on the line. Take a look at is not upload the picture seconds complete! And back to the old feeling!


1, I stopped using the Shockwave Flash method is not feasible in the case of this method, such as uploading pictures you stop using this flash will not bounce out of the window.

2. Each time you create a chrome shortcut (whether it's a reload system or a reload browser or create it yourself), its permissions are reset, so each new chrome shortcut will have to be checked by the administrator.

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