Chrome Extensions recent history Historybar v1.2

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Brief introduction

had used a period of time Proud tour browser , gradually accustomed to its mouse gesture and some subtle human functions, such as the address bar to the left of the" recently visited page " button, you can easily find the last 20 records.

But then, for some reason, he went back toChromeEmbrace, so there is no such small but very useful little features. While some extensions are much more powerful than this, the Chrome extension is packed with cards, especially with a lot of features and back-Office features, not just cards, but also the risk of disclosing private data. Looking for a long time did not find that only do this simple function, so I learned a bit of Chrome extension development, spent a few hours to write this small extension –Historybar, you can displaylast 20 Records, you can also click on the top right corner of the pop-up page to open the chrome comes with the history page, only so simple features, the installation will not run in the background, only when the click on the icon to display the pop-up window to run, does not affect the performance of Chrome itself.

Personal feeling, function, although simple, but very practical, so share it. As follows:


After the download is complete, drag and drop the historybar_techzero_v1.2.crx file to Chrome's extension management page to install it automatically.

If Chrome is disabled after installation, refer to the Prevent Chrome Masking unofficial Extensions tutorial .

If you have some good suggestions, you can are made, or can beDabigatran Discussion, or if you want to implement some other small feature on Chrome, you can also contact me (Contact Information).


November 21, 2014:
Historybar Update to v1.2;
1. Add double-click icon to open the last Closed tab feature.

August 1, 2014:
Historybar Update to v1.1;
1. Add the default shortcut key shift+alt+q to call up the bullet box;
2. The site icon appears before each history is added.

July 31, 2014:
Historybar released v1.0;
1. Complete the basic function.



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Chrome Extensions recent history Historybar v1.2

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