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Google browser shortcut key encyclopedia

Chrome window and tab shortcut keys:

CTRL + N opens a new window

Ctrl+t Open new tab page

Ctrl+shift+n opens a new window in stealth mode

Ctrl+o, then select file in Google Browser to open the file on the computer

Hold down the Ctrl key, and then click the link to open the link from the background in the new tab, but you still stay on the current tab page

Hold down the Ctrl+shift key, and then click on the link to open the link in the new tab, and switch to the newly opened tab page

Hold down the Shift key, and then click the link to open the link in a new window

Alt+f4 Close the current window

Ctrl+shift+t to reopen the last Closed tab page. Google Browser remembers the last 10 tabs that have been closed recently.

Drag a link to the label page to open a link in the specified label page

Drag a link between two tabs to create a new tab at the specified position in the tab bar, open the link in the tab page

Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8 to switch to the label page of the specified location number. The number you press represents the corresponding label position on the bar of the label page.

Ctrl+9 switch to the Last tab page

Ctrl+tab or Ctrl+pgdown switch to the next tab page

Ctrl+shift+tab or Ctrl+pgup switch to the previous label page

Ctrl+w or CTRL+F4 Close the current tab page or pop-up window

Alt+home Open the Home page

Chrome Address bar shortcut keys

In the address bar, do one of the following:

Type the search term using the default search engine to search

Type "www." In the URL. and the ". com" section, and then press

The Ctrl+enter key adds "www." To what you enter in the Address bar. and ". com", and then open the URL

Type the search engine keyword or URL, press TAB, and then type the search term to use the search engine associated with the keyword or URL. If Google browsers can identify the search engine you are using, you will be prompted to press the Tab key.

F6 or Ctrl+l or alt+d Select content in the URL area

Type the URL, and then press Alt+enter to open the URL in the New tab page

To open the Google Chrome Browser features of the shortcut keys

Ctrl+b Open and close the bookmarks bar

Ctrl+shift+b Open Bookmark Manager

Ctrl+h View the history page

Ctrl+j View the Downloads page

Shift+escape View Task Manager

Shift+alt+t sets the focus to the toolbar. Use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to navigate to different buttons on the toolbar.

Chrome pages Shortcut keys

Ctrl+p Print the current page

Ctrl+s Save the current page

F5 Reload the current page

ESC stops loading the current page

Ctrl+f open the Find on page box

Click on the middle mouse button or scroll wheel (available only in the Google Browser beta version (English only)) to activate automatic scrolling. When you move the mouse, the page scrolls automatically according to the direction of the mouse movement.

Ctrl+f5 or Shift+f5 reloads the current page, but ignores cached content

Hold down the ALT key and click the link to download the link

Ctrl+g or F3 find the next occurrence that matches the content you entered in the Find on Web page box

Ctrl+shift+g or Shift+f3 find the last match that matches what you entered in the Find on Web page box

Ctrl+u View Source code

Drag a link to the Bookmarks Bar bookmark the link

Ctrl+d Bookmark the current page

ctrl++, or hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up the mouse wheel to enlarge all the content on the page

ctrl+-, or hold down the Ctrl key and scroll down the mouse wheel to narrow down all the content on the page

Ctrl+0 everything on the page back to normal size

Chrome text shortcut keys

Select the content, and then press CTRL + C to copy the contents to the Clipboard

Place the cursor in the text field, and then press CTRL + V or Shift+insert to paste the current content from the Clipboard

Place the cursor in the text field, and then press Ctrl+shift+v to paste the plain text portion of the current content from the Clipboard

Select the content in the Text field, and then press CTRL+X or

Shift+delete Delete the content and copy it to the Clipboard

Alt+enter New window open Address bar

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