Chrome OS will build Google's own media player

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Google plans to launch the Linux based open source operating system Chrome OS is mainly for the netbook sector, direct integration of Chrome browser, all programs are based on the web, which is Google's network to replace the desktop idea of another implementation. The Chrome OS will be officially released in the second half of 2010, and if you're still frustrated with Chrome OS's full Chrome browser, Matthew Papakipos, Google's operating-system program director, has brought good news.

In an interview, Matthew Papakipos points out that Chrome OS will integrate media players, and Google will develop its own media players for the operating system. Although this media player is still "simple and immature", but as the basic function of the system can not be ignored.

The current development philosophy of this built-in media player for Chrome OS is that you can work with images and media files such as JPEG in the tab tabs of the browser to seamlessly connect local and Web applications within the browser. It supports audio, video, and image files in peripherals such as local and USB, and can be played while offline, while also supporting HTML5 network audio and video.

Papakipos said that the development of the Chrome OS Media Player is still in its infancy and could make a huge difference in future development, since it is nearly a year away from its official release, and anything can happen during that time.

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