Chrome remote Debugging for mobile-h5app development and commissioning

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Whether the mobile side adopts native development or H5 development is a direct debate. However, the use of H5 development app is not only fast and efficient, and simple layout, beautiful, many of the current framework has been able to make people can not see the original survival is H5 developed.

Using H5 development has one advantage is that you can use Chrome to connect to the real machine, direct debugging, that is really artifact ah.

In addition to Chrome debug , there are a number of third-party developed remote debugging tools, such as Weinre and Adobe Edge Inspect CC, which supports full-platform debugging, and self-developed iOS-specific tools Mihtool. But I am still accustomed to Chrome, too convenient.

The use of the method is also very simple, as long as the Android version of the real machine is above 4.4, and the USB debugging is turned on.

Enter Chrome://inspect or about:inspect in Chrome, and after opening devtools, make sure the Discover USB devices is ticked.

If the USB connection succeeds, we can see the model of the mobile device and the page running on the device and the WebView list that allows debugging. Find the target page that needs debugging, click Inspect to open Devtools, click Reload to reload the current debug page, click Focus tab to pin the tab, close to close the current page. You can also open a new page by typing the URL in the input box.

Note: If you open a blank page, you need to flip the wall to make sure that the domain name is accessible. Provides an available hosts,

Chrome remote Debugging for mobile-h5app development and commissioning

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