Chrome Web applications will be able to use third-party devices for unlocking and Verification

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The Chromium team is creatingChrome. screenlockPrivateIt allows developers to use third-party devices to unlock your Chromebook or perform login verification on the application.

These third-party devices can communicate via USB, NFC, and Bluetooth, such as your mobile phone, tablet, or even smart watch, smart bracelet, and smart ring, when Chrome detects the existence of these devices, it can perform verification or two-step authentication without entering the password.

In addition, because the Chromebook already has a touch screen, the unlock method will also be added to the slide input by the top finger. Speech recognition and facial recognition are also under consideration. Google plans to push these new verification methods to the Chrome Stable branch by February 25 next year. It seems that the process will be fast, should we catch up with the release pace of smart watches?

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