Chromium source code and compilation environment Configuration

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1. We strongly recommend that you read the official documents carefully. The chromium project has been developing rapidly and the compilation configuration may be updated. This document is not updated along with the official documentation, so it is for reference only.
2. 4 GB of memory is required. I initially used 2 GB of memory to have a project connection failure, resulting in failure of some of the subsequent projects. 8 GB memory is used up during compilation. Therefore, we recommend that you configure 8 GB memory or above.
3. 64-bit systems are strongly recommended. Preferably win7 64-bit system. If XP 32-bit system is used, especially the XP 32-bit System of ghostversion, it will be processed later. Source code Some problems may occur.
4. Install the x64 compilation tool for vs2008.
5. If vs2008 Standard Edition is installed, the C # development environment must be installed.
6. Install vs2008 Patch: SP1, kb967631, kb960075, and kb957912.
7. Install the win7 SDK.
8. Configure the SDK environment for. Start> All Programs> Microsoft Windows SDK> Visual Studio registration> Windows SDK Configuration tool.
9. If you are not using vs2008 Express, install kb971092.
10. Install the latest version of DirectX SDK. The current version is dxsdk_jun10. compilation errors may occur in other earlier versions.
11. Configure the DirectX SDK environment for vs2008. Add $ (dxsdk_dir) include to the top of the include files list, and add $ (dxsdk_dir) Lib \ x86 to the top of the library files list.
12. If you are using vs2008express, install wdk and configure the vs2008 environment.
Download and install in 13th and configure the system path. Add the depot_tools path to the end of the system path.
14. Download Source Code Package (source tarball ).
15. decompress the source code package to a path without spaces. emphasize again that there should be no spaces in the path.
16. Run the "gclient sync -- force" command in the \ chromium \ src directory to update the source code. Officially speaking, I don't need to update the latest version. I can't do it anyway. Some strange errors may occur during compilation. I have downloaded the source code for more than four hours.
17. Run the "gclient runhooks -- force" command in the \ chromium \ src directory to generate the VC project.
18. Open \ chromium \ SRC \ chrome. sln. There are more than 500 projects in the solution. Please be patient, especially those who installed the VC assistant.
19. Set the Chrome project to start the project for debugging. Right-click the Chrome project and select compile. It seems that 256 projects need to be compiled, the compilation result is in the \ chromium \ SRC \ build \ DEBUG directory, where there is a chrome Program Is a running browser, press F5 to directly debug the Chrome project.
20. Do not recompile the entire solution. I used amd dual-core 5000 + CPU and 4G memory to compile the Chrome project for nearly 4 hours. It took more than an hour to compile the Chrome project with amd960t CPU and 8g memory, however, it took more than four hours to compile the entire solution, and the link time for some test projects was very long.

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