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Method One: Use the program to create a new
Handle to task_handletask;//task

Task=task_create (TASKMAIN,NULL,&EB);

if (task==null)
system_printf ("Task_create () failed!\n");
Bios_exit (0);
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Create a new task using the Task_create function, which returns the handle to the task and returns NULL, or 0, if the new failure occurs.
Where Taskmain is the function to be performed by this task, and the most important part of the task, as in ucosii, each task is an infinite loop, and in Sysbios, this taskmain is almost the same meaning.
Method Two: New task with CFG file
Open the hardware abstraction layer, the CFG file, and click the task component.

Click Instance, you can see that there is an add ... button, click on it to add it,

To enter are: The task's handle my name, task function, priority, stack size, and other parameters.
You can see the tasks you added in the Outline window

This task is added to the completion.
And of course there's the definition of the function that the task is going to perform, and what kind of code you can add to the function if you want it to work.
Finally, start the Sys/bios system.
Bios_start (); Copy Code
Would like to use their own projects Sysbios, you can find Sysbios to learn a lot of things, and the trial time is limited, then have to give up, or use the old method, that Sysbios learning to come to an ending, the next time to start their own projects.
Originally also intend to do a AD7606 of their own floor, is also forced to try the time problem, or first verify the function, algorithm bar.

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