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[Voiceover] Life and death are the two endpoints at the beginning of life, and life is like a road of no return. When you reach the end, you will think of the remaining parts on the way. Chuang Tzu was able to laugh at life and death because he realized the true meaning of life and death, that is, life and death, but a form change. Professor Yu believes that only by truly understanding the meaning of life can we correctly face death. So why do different people make different interpretations and judgments about the same things in their lives? Why do some people seek relief in a light way when they encounter setbacks and feel pressure? What can we do to make it look like? What about creating the most valuable life in a limited life? Please listen to Professor Yu Dan from Beijing Normal University to talk about "Yu Dan <Chuang Tzu> experiences, laughter, and life and death". Today we are talking about an eternal proposition in Zhuangzi, about life and death. There are many similar stories about life and death in a hundred years. For example, when his wife died, he sang drums. This is a well-known story. Well, Chuang Tzu said that the ancient real people were unhappy and were not afraid of death. He did not feel that how nice life was when it was in possession. Then he did not feel that when death came, how terrible it is. He said that the real gentleman's attitude towards life and death has never been deliberate. He does not ask where he came from or worry about where he went, because life and death are only changes in form. This kind of attitude is easy to say, but it is not easy to go through every mortal life. Every person is busy and nervous in his life. In this rush, he is afraid of getting shorter and shorter times. There is such a fable that said there are two siblings who live in an 80-story high-rise building. When the two came home, they just forgot to read the notice, on the day when the elevator was stopped, they did not go back late at night. The brothers walked to the bottom of the building with a big bag and felt very worried. What should they do? The two men discussed it and said they had to go home and climb the building. I started to climb. When I climbed to the 20th floor, I began to think that the burden was very heavy. So let's discuss it and put the backpack on the 20th floor. Then I will go back and fetch it. Then the backpack was removed, and the two men were very relaxed. They laughed at each other and continued to climb up. When I climbed to the 40th floor, I was very tired. Then the two began to complain and blame each other. Why did my brother say that you didn't read the notice? My brother said that you didn't read the notice. My brother said that I forgot it. Why didn't you remind me, two people started to make noise. When the noise reaches the 60-layer, it is so tired that two people are too tired to quarrel. They say they can climb quietly, but they have to finish it, and then they climb 20 layers quietly, at the door of the house, standing on the stairs on the 80 th floor, the two men looked at each other and remembered one thing, saying that the key was left in the 20 th floor and in the backpack. What is this fable? This is a person's life. When people first saw the passage of life, we assumed that it was a countdown of 80 years. At the moment, everyone was eager. We carried our bags and filled our bags with ideals, with ambition and a lot of aspirations, we started from the first step under our feet. At the age of 20, people began to recognize the rules when they entered the society. They felt that the society had given us a lot of burden and we were tired enough to hold ourselves up, who is carrying so many dreams? Settle it first. It's not too late to come back to our dream after we have no worries about clothing, food, and society. After we put it down, it was easy and everyone was very good. Let's move forward. As we walk, our lives grow older, accumulate more and more, fight more and more fiercely, and our hearts become more and more anxious, and people complain. This is the time when our brothers blame each other and they all feel that society has failed to live up to themselves, I felt that I had to pay too much and paid too little. I was so worried that I had to go all the way. When I was 40 years old, when the so-called year was not confusing, all those things were past, and people began to get tired and frustrated. They supported each other and then went away. When they reached the age of 60, they became silent, I think the old age should be wonderful and cherished. Let's settle down and stop complaining. At this time, the so-called "in-ear" by Confucius was probably followed, and many accusations were lost. Finally, it reached layer 80. Standing at the end of the last line, suddenly lost, think of the most precious thing in this life, left in the 20-year-old bag, that is the dream that has never been opened up, it has never been released, it has never followed itself, and in vain it has gone through its whole life, but it cannot go back on the 20th floor. In fact, this is an interesting fable, which tells us about our life. For the question of life and death, we may have to go back to the story of this life. What kind of Countdown should we stand in and what kind of attitude towards life should we face death in the end. [Voiceover] Chuang Tzu went to the State of Chu and saw a skeleton halfway through the road. [Dubbing] Chuang Tzu: Are you greedy and dead? Were you hacked by the sword when you were in the desperate state? Did you commit suicide by exhausting your parents? Are you starved to death? Are you frozen? Or is it because you have done your best in spring and autumn? [Voiceover] The sky is dark, and Chuang Tzu uses the skeleton as the pillow and lie down and fall asleep. [Dubbing] Skeleton: Alas, when you hear what you say during the day, you look like a debater. What you said just now is a burden of life, and there will be no such thing after you die. After the death, there will be no king, no minister, or spring, summer, and autumn, and mixed with Heaven and Earth comfortably. [Voiceover] Chuang Tzu told us with such a bizarre fable that life and death are just a form of change. The reason that Chuang Tzu is enlightened by death is because of his adaptation to life. Since life is not dead, what are the terrible and sad aspects of death? Therefore, there are many such stories in Zhuangzi. He said that there were several people who were good friends when they were alive. The three were together: son Sanhu, Mencius, and ziqinzhang. They said that we were all good friends in this life, if we are together, it is difficult to be the same. If we are happy to share our lives together, we will have a good time together. Later, here, the sanghu died first. Confucius heard that Confucius sent his student Zigong to help with the funeral. When Zigong went there, he saw ziqin and Mencius fighting against these two men, one who woven the grass curtain there will clean up the ghost, and the other who knocked on the piano there will sing to the corpse of the son Sanhu. That's good. Now you are back to the truth, you see we are still people. Zigong was very hard to understand. I said that the three of you, a good brother and a brother, should you sing to the dead? Then ziqinzhang and Mencius laughed and asked him, "Do you really know what a gift is? Zigong went back very angry and told his teacher that you saw the two people and they sang to the bodies of their friends. Who are you talking about, what are their thoughts? Confucius said at the time that I was wrong. He said that they were all people outside the world, and I was a person in the world. How can I send you to help with funeral? They have no boundaries between life and death. What they accomplish is the mutual exploration of the mind and heaven and earth. It is not important for them to have this physical structure, so when a friend leaves, the two friends are like sending a person a long trip. It is a kind of Frank delivery. In fact, here he tells the truth: In this life, everyone can live in different forms (Yu Dan Xinyu). Chuang Tzu also tells a story about a child who is ill. Then the child plow sees him and sees his wife and all the children around him, crying, the child will soon die, and will die. Zi Li stood far away at the door and shouted at his loved ones, saying that you were walking far away and that you should not disturb such a person who is about to change dramatically. Let him yell at his friends and ask him, "What is the greatness of heaven and earth? Whether to turn you into the liver of a mouse or the arm of a worm. I Don't Know What To turn it. Then the child came out with a sigh of relief and began to tell him: he gave me a big bag to take shape, gave me a life, gave me an old man, and killed him as a master of Zhuangzi. These four sentences describe a course of life. First of all, the mass takes me to form, and the land and heaven and earth are forged into my life and give me a form, this was the first time I came to the world, but with this life, we had to complete his socialization, and we had to go through it, so it was called "work for me. There is no hard work in a person's life. When such a person goes through such a hard work, he will get a lot of effort in his life. In his later years, he is called an old man, this "break" is to let me rest, and it finally gave me a later age, so that I can enjoy my later years in a leisurely and leisurely manner, but this rest in my later years, it is still limited. Finally, it gives me a rest, that is, killing me. Finally, it gives me the greatest rest, that is, using death to complete my final settling. This is my life's description. So, son, I believe that if you are kind to me, you will be kind to me and die. How can I be arranged to go in this world, I will leave again. After that, he went to bed quietly. After a sleep, when I woke up again, I woke up clearly, and all my major illness went far away. So this son came back and recovered again. What is this story? This refers to a person. In fact, when his heart regards life as a traversal, the death may be in his heart, and the continuation of life has been exceeded. So there is such a sentence: refers to the poor for salary, fire spread also "Chuang Tzu • Health Master". This is a sentence in "Chuang Tzu". He said, "fat, burning, burning, and cooking". The oil and fat are burned out, but the fire is still illuminating. The oil and fat are in the form, however, fire is a kind of light. The human body and human life can be consumed, but some ideas can still be inherited. Therefore, for Zhuangzi, the inheritance of thoughts is far better than a life. This is a sentiment of Chuang Tzu on the form of life and death. Speaking of today, we should say that in terms of physical life extension, today's time is far better than ancient times, but psychologically, the fear of death and the nostalgia for life are far more than ever before. It should be said that in today's life, there is too much privacy and too much tie. In the words of common people, people are old, close eyes are becoming increasingly entangled. Chuang Tzu talked about the life and death of so many relatives, their own life and death, and the transfer of death. Why? This is because in a tangible life, his views on it can be totally different. That is to say, in this life that he has crossed, he values the fire, it is not the length of grease stay. It can be said that in this form of life, the deeds that pass through can be written down, but each person's rebellion is different from its quality, the happiness of a limited life is always different from its interpretation. [Voiceover] Confucius said that an unknown person knows how to die. That is to say, he wants to know how to die first. Different people have different interpretations of life, and their views on things are completely different. We often find that even in the same social environment, in the same thing, different people may have different opinions. Why? There is a story about three people who saw the same scene when they passed by a corner, that is, a little spider crawling onto the wall, crawling and crawling there was a piece of wet rain in front of it, then as soon as it climbed to the wet place, it fell down, and then the spider began to climb from the corner, I climbed to the wet place and fell down again. After seeing these three people, everyone is thinking about their own lives. The first person thought, saying that when I saw this spider, I saw myself, and I had never done anything in my life. I had been repeating it all the time and trying in vain. In fact, it was the same as this spider, this is the way to climb and then fall down. Then the second person thought after reading it, saying that I saw a spider crawling like this, I realized that there are actually many mistakes in my life. We only saw the eyes and thought there was only one path, in fact, the wet place is not big. If the spider can climb horizontally and bypass the wet one, it will soon be able to climb to a higher place along the dry wall, so I want to make my life smarter, and sometimes I need to make a detour. After seeing the spider, the third person was deeply touched. He said that a spider can still be so indomitable. How many miracles should the man have in his life be brewing in his own life, therefore, the energy of my life was inspired by the image of the spider. In fact, this is a small image in Different hearts and draw different conclusions. Such conclusions are sometimes more interesting in folk stories. I once saw that there was a talent to take the test. It was a fixed event in my life for any talent or scholar. When I went to this talent show, I was very upset and thought about what I would look like. What kind of outcome would my life give me. The day before he took the test, he had three strange dreams. The first dream was to see him planting cabbage on the wall. The second dream was to dream that he would go out on a rainy day, I wore a fight and an umbrella. The third dream was to dream about a woman he liked very much, sleeping in a bed with him back to back. He thinks these three dreams are unusual. The next day, he will take the test. On this day, he will go to a very psychic person and say that you can solve this dream for me, this person tells him after hearing it, saying that your life is quite gloomy. Do you think it's hard to plant cabbage on the wall? I said that you are already wearing an umbrella. Do you need to take an umbrella? Said you see, you and the person you like are back and forth in a bed. Isn't that a joke? So you should not take the test. You should go back. After hearing these things, this person began to pack his luggage when he went back. At this time, the hotel owner asked him why you didn't take the test. He said that someone had explained these three dreams to me and I don't think I have to take the exam any more. The boss said, Well, I will also dream about it. He said that I think the three of your dreams are quite good. [Voiceover] Some people say it's not good, but some say it's good. Why? But how does the good hotel manager explain these three dreams? Did talent take the test? Who is right about the two completely different dreamers? (Heavy, slightly) You plant cabbage on the wall, this is called High School; he said that you have already been wearing a fight, but also played an umbrella, this is called preparation; he said you think about it. you and the person you like are already lying in bed, which means it's time for you to turn over. He explained this as well. The second day, he took the test again, and the result was an opportunity. What is this? It is also an explanation of the Life password. In fact, we may have a lot of choices, no one, no spirit, no wizard for our divination intention, just ask ourselves, what kind of decisions do I make in my heart when I say what I am ( Only by asking myself what kind of decisions should I make -- Yu danxinyu). As we can see, what Chuang Tzu says is temporary calm in the process of death. If we say it back, when a person is still in good life, he is not calm when he is young, he will not have such a release. Therefore, "Chuang Tzu" said that the so-called real person, he described those real people, are those who limited their minds to the past, looks indifferent, and can communicate with the four times, he said that a person's life is really in a correct state, and that kind of person is not unhappy or evil. In his life, people who can calmly correspond should have the following standards: it is also called the Sule things not a saint, there are parents and non-benevolent people, the day is not sages, the interests of non-gentleman also, the behavior of the name of the loss of their own non-secret also, the dead are not really inactive people. These situations are not good. What is it? He said that happiness cannot be connected to all things, and it is not really a saint; in this world, people who prefer something are not really benevolent; people who wait for the opportunity to do things, it is not a wise man; a man who has no way to justify his or her interests is not a real gentleman; a man who has lost his or her reputation is not a real educated man; people who sacrifice their lives and lose their nature are not the ones who can really manage others in this world. Then he said, you only have to understand all this, and you will be calm when facing death. We found that one of the attitudes of Zhuangzi is that the first is not afraid of death, and the second is never looking for death. Therefore, this idea may differ from Confucianism in some ways. Because Confucianism stresses benevolent people, they can take righteousness for life, and they can give away their own lives, while preserving all the truth, here it is involved that there are two different attitudes in the time process: Confucianism and Taoism. It can be said that in the long river of life, the Confucian attitude is a martyr, the Taoist attitude is a high scholar; the Confucian attitude is to compete with time and seize a limited time to establish; while the Taoist attitude is in the light of the appropriate, to grasp every minute to live, the two to the end of the same things? At one point, they share the same meaning, that is, to make life value ( In terms of life-and-death attitudes, Confucianism share the same things, that is, to make life value-yu danxin). However, the interpretation of value is always different. The values of some people are more important to the history of society, and the establishment of achievements in the social coordinate system is a kind of social merit to be paid by the individual's life, some people also focus more on the perfection, settling, and moral perfection of their own hearts. If it is the former, he may be a little more unwilling in his life in society, while the latter is a little more indifferent. In fact, this is the different attitude that Confucianism and Taoism present in time and in the same time we have when they act on our hearts. It is interesting to say that Chinese people are born and dead. In fact, there are very few people who are too fierce in the attitude of death, except for people like Qu Yuan. Why did Qu Yuan choose such a fierce approach? Because he stood in the chaos of the Warring States Period, and he was the same surname of the King of Chu, such a scholar-doctor, when the Chu State was broken down by Yingdu, When Qin would put the Yingdu in vain, even though he has been alone, and many other countries want to take him in, even though he knows where there is no grass in the world, he knows that his temple and his country are no longer in danger, the best end of his life is to go with everything. Therefore, the death of Qu Yuan is a kind of martyrdom and helplessness. In the words of Mr. Guo Moruo, he is in the ideal of his own and cannot realize the ideal, split. In such a life, he is an unprecedented and almost unprecedented person who handles his life in a terrible and decisive way. More people use the Taoist method in their hearts, that is to say, we see things that are more important than life and death ( Another thing that is more important than life and death-yu danxin). For example, we can see the life of Sima Qian. Sima Qian wrote a letter to his good friend Ren shaoqing in his newspaper Ren 'an book. He reviewed his entire process of being imprisoned and sentenced, and said that he was very wronged, in such a case, he was framed against an unknown crime, and no one was saving him. In this case, he could choose to die, but why? Because he thinks that there is a bigger thing, that is, when he wants to study Heaven and Man, he has made great changes in ancient and modern times, and he has made a masterpiece of historical records in his hand, when his father, Sima tan, entrusted him with the great business of such a history officer, he would tell him that there was Confucius in the next five hundred years after Zhou Gong, and there were Confucius in the next five hundred years, no one can record such an era, inherit the history of youth, and break through the philosophy and literature. This is a kind of principle that can be passed on and passed on, now there should be such a person, So SIMA Qian said, in the face of his mission to trust a person for five hundred years in history, his own attitude is, how dare the boy make him fail? This is the attitude of Sima Qian. In fact, such an attitude is similar to the Life Portrayal provided by Chuang Tzu to us. We can simply look at the life and death of Chuang Tzu. You will think it is very negative, because in the theory of things, in the man-on-Earth, we see more stories, that is, there is no absolute Eternity between heaven and earth. People are fooled by people, and sometimes become rat liver, it's just a very small thing. Isn't life too easy? Aren't we too small? But in other words, how is the greatest value of life in its existing form? [Voiceover] Chuang Tzu has a clear attitude towards life. First, he is not afraid of death. Second, he never finds death. But in real life, there are such people who suffer setbacks in life, or you can feel the pressure and choose to be easy. Why are they afraid of challenges in their lives? In fact, we are all under pressure in the university. In fact, our psychology is very heavy. In this era of only children, more and more children are being given birth. In fact, there are only a few reasons for asking questions. One of the most is emotional problems. Love is not handled well, and I feel that there is no hope in my life. This is a kind of martyrdom. The other is that I have not found a good job, I feel that I have been a top-notch student since I was a child. When I went to such a good school, the society still refused to accept myself, so I felt angry and angry. Third, I felt that the learning pressure was too great and I felt too depressed, life has no other fun. In fact, there are three situations in which light children choose to give birth to each other? They chose to leave their backpacks and leave them upstairs when they were on the 20 th floor. They were not the ideal, it's even time to let go. Why does this happen today? In fact, the vast majority of the children we see are only children. These children are in the environment of small and medium emperors, where four old people and two adults provide a villain, this child grew up like this. How could he not be alone? So this family is a pyramid. He will always be on the top of the tower, Society is also a tower. Every citizen wants to enter the society, which means to be the base of the tower (Yu Dan Xinyu). One of our current paradox is that every family is at the top of the tower and is willing to become the base of society. When he does not want to base the station, he is not simply facing a psychological imbalance. to the extreme, he is easy to choose between life and death. In fact, what we do not want to see most is the most hasty way of dealing with people's lives under the pressure of today due to this imbalance. There are two simple ways today. One obvious way is to take yourself down from the top of a tall building like a broken dress; in addition, there is also a concealed and light way, that is, to let yourself go, that is to say, in any job, he is not enterprising, in a hopeless family, if you don't want to build up your feelings, you will find a poor friend in the circle of friends, and you will be drunk and lost. In this way, your physical life will not be gone, but you will be sad in your heart, his heart that hurts to the extreme is also gone. So today we are talking about the topic of life and death. It seems very far away. In fact, we are very close to everyone. How many of our bodies are still living in our lives, and how many dreams are still living in our hearts, there are still some hopes for us to live in the future. The proportion of people answering questions is not the same. So in fact, with the original dreams in his own mind, he may be more important today than at the time of Chuang Tzu because at that time, the material is too poor and there are too few choices for people. Therefore, living will become a pure desire. Today, there may be too many rich people, but in the confusion of choice, instead, it will be overwhelmed. That is to say, there are too many choices and too many people are tired. Therefore, in the present, it is not only a choice between life and death, more importantly, in your own mind, how much valuable life can be truly lived. As a result, reading Chuang Tzu seems to be a simple saying, absurd words, and nonsense. If we really associate it with our own state, we will find the sorrowful man of Chuang Tzu, it is because every story of him is close to the hearts of the people, seeing the contest between his heart and death, and seeing the hope that we can live. In fact, we can truly live and adapt in our lifetime, to be happy now, live every minute, and when the limit of Life and Death comes, there is a smile and calm, you can face the death and say: I have no regrets in my life! In fact, this is the realm that every human can reach. This is an interpretation of Zhuangzi today.


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