Chubby talk 19 ------ Xcode plug-in management, chubby 19 ------ xcode

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Chubby talk 19 ------ Xcode plug-in management, chubby 19 ------ xcode

Alcatraz is an open-source package manager (package manager) on Xcode. You can use it to discover or install plug-ins, templates, color themes, and so on without manually cloning and copying files. It is seamlessly integrated with Xcode. Now Alcatraz supports Xcode5.

Alcatraz Source Code address:


Select Package Manager from the Window menu, and then select (check)/uncheck to install or remove the plug-in. You need to restart Xcode after installing the plug-in package.

Plugin introduction:

1. KSImageNamed: When you enter [UIImage imageNamed:], the context menu is automatically displayed for you to choose the image resources you need.

2. FuzzyAutocompletePlugin: Fuzzy methods are allowed for Code Completion. For example, when we want to write viewdidApper, we only need vda to work out the method. Press the Enter key to complete the process.

3. SCXcodeSwitchExpander: it helps you quickly fill in each possible value of the enumeration type in the switch statement.

4. vv1_enter: a tool that automatically generates code comments.

5. ColorSense: it is an auxiliary tool for UIColor color input. It helps you preview the corresponding color in real time when writing the UIColor code.

6. AMMethod2Implement: the methods to be written in. h or. m can be automatically filled in for convenience. You can select the method to import, and then pressCtrl+AOrEdit>AMMethod2Implement>Implement MethodWill automatically fill in the Method

7. ATProperty: If you write@propertyAndIn nonatomic mode, you only need @ s.

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