CI Framework 3.0 How to set up the session and how to use the storage database

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The session setting is a little different than before.

Let's take a look at what the settings in version 2.0 look like:

$config [ ‘sess_cookie_name‘ ]=  ‘test_session‘ ; $config [ ‘sess_expiration‘ ]= 7200; $config [ ‘sess_expire_on_close‘ ]= FALSE; $config [ ‘sess_encrypt_cookie‘ ]= FALSE; $config [ ‘sess_use_database‘ ]= TRUE; $config [ ‘sess_table_name‘ ]=  ‘test_sessions‘ ; $config [ ‘sess_match_ip‘ ]= FALSE; $config [ ‘sess_match_useragent‘ ]= TRUE; $config [ ‘sess_time_to_update‘ ]= 3000;And 3.0 is the case: $config [ ‘sess_driver‘ ] =  ‘database‘ ;   $config [ ‘sess_cookie_name‘ ] =  ‘test_session‘ ; $config [ ‘sess_expiration‘ ] = 3600; $config [ ‘sess_save_path‘ ] =  ‘test_sessions‘ ; $config [ ‘sess_match_ip‘ ] = FALSE; $config [ ‘sess_time_to_update‘ ] = 300; $config [ ‘sess_regenerate_destroy‘ ] = FALSE;

First is the first change, CI3.0 supports more ways to store sessions, including files, database, Redis, memcached, and custom.

So you can change the way you want to store it in Sess_driver.

Then the fourth line of changes, line fourth when using the file storage should specify the file path (using the default null), and the use of database storage needs to change the name of the data table, using Redis need to change to a TCP address, such as


Use the same memcached to change to an address, such as:


How does the database work?

First configure in application\config\config.php, then go to database Creation table (MYSQL):

Note: The 3.0 version of the Session data table and 2.0 version of a large difference, it is recommended to delete 2.0 of the data table to replace the new data table "

CREATE TABLE IF  NOT EXISTS `ci_sessions` (          `id`  varchar (40)  NOT NULL ,          `ip_address`  varchar (45)  NOT NULL ,          ` timestamp int (10) unsigned  DEFAULT NOT NULL ,          `data` blob  NOT NULL ,          PRIMARY KEY (id),          KEY `ci_sessions_timestamp` (` timestamp `) );If you want to open sess_match_ip, you also need to execute the following statement ALTER TABLE ci_sessions  ADD CONSTRAINT ci_sessions_id_ip  UNIQUE (id, ip_address);This completes the configuration, and you can use the 2.0 version of the method to make the call.

CI Framework 3.0 How to set up the session and how to use the storage database

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