Circle Person Li Shuai was hired as vice president of "Zhumadian City Association"

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The power of love does not cease, the faith of Love will continue to persist. Do not have fame and fortune, just want to help those who need help. No matter what other people say, I still love first, a clear conscience!

--well-known circle man Li Shuai

November 12, 2015, the founder of China's mini-friends, the founder of China Circle Federation, well-known circles, Shenzhen Circle United Culture Co., Ltd. Chairman Li Shuai was Zhumadian City will be hired as "vice president."

It is reported that Zhumadian City will serve the people of Zhumadian, to provide the most valuable and convenient information in Zhumadian area. Founded four years, Zhumadian City will always serve the people's core values, and continuously contribute to the community.

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  Sina Weibo "Zhumadian City meeting" official Micro-Blog

It is understood that the city of Zhumadian, the official micro-Bo is Sina Weibo Zhumadian city official organization. Sina official account and Blue v certification. Zhumadian City will be established in February 12, 2011, to today exactly 4 years and nine months, in this time period, the organization of hundreds of activities under the line, especially the prominent Zhumadian volunteer Union's activities won the Zhumadian people's recognition! Sina Weibo Zhumadian Netizen's spontaneous organization and online, offline gathering place. Focus on Zhumadian local people's livelihood time, the release of Zhumadian food, transportation, climate and other life information, sharing the local news and emergencies in Zhumadian.

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  Well-known circle man Li Shuai

Well-known circle people Li Shuai was born in Zhumadian City, Henan province Miyang County, in Shenzhen to fight more than 10 years. From an ordinary worker to the Chairman, the hardships of life, the experience of growth did not forget his hometown's favor to him. November 2014 for "pick up the purse incident" become the network focus, and was Phoenix as "the 2014 Ten hot figures." Today's achievements are inseparable from the cultivation of our hometown. So when there is time, Li Shuai constantly call to inquire about the situation in his hometown. In July 2015, the rescue of 17-year-old brain tumor in Biyang, Henan Zhang Dan "7 12 day Biyang star charity Large Concert", Li Shuai is also strongly supported.

Li Shuai was hired as the vice president of Zhumadian City Association, feel very gratified. Li Shuai said, will continue to contribute to the hometown of the policy, focus on the people of Zhumadian area, concerned about the villagers, for the villagers to do more work to do good deeds.

  Zhumadian City will be established, also has been in the service to work out of Zhumadian, if you have any urgent difficulties, you can reflect the first time to Sina Weibo "Zhumadian City will" the official microblog. We will serve you wholeheartedly, not only the slogan. ( correspondent Sindongfang )

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Circle Person Li Shuai was hired as vice president of "Zhumadian City Association"

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