Cisco CCNA Chapter 2 answers for the third semester, Cisco ccna for the third semester

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Cisco CCNA Chapter 2 answers for the third semester, Cisco ccna for the third semester

1. Which command line interface (CLI) mode allows users to configure switch parameters such as host name and password?
User Execution Mode
Privileged Execution Mode
Global Configuration Mode
Interface Configuration Mode











5. See the figure below. What happens when HOST 1 tries to send data?
Frames from HOST 1 will cause the interface to be closed.
Frames from HOST 1 are discarded and no log messages are sent.
Frames from HOST 1 will create MAC address entries in the running configuration.
Frames from HOST 1 Delete all MAC address entries in the address table.


6. The followingBanner login "Authorized personnel Only"Which of the following statements about the command is correct?
This command should be entered in privileged execution mode.
This command is displayed before logon.Authorized personnel OnlyMessage.
This command will generate and display the error message% Ambiguous command: "banner motd "".
After entering the command into the switch, the screen will displayEnd with the character "%"Message








9. See the figure below. Which hosts receive broadcast frames sent by host?
Host A and host B
Host B and host C
Host D and host E
Host A, host B, and host C
Host B, host C, host D, and host E
Host A, host B, host C, host D, host E, and host F


10. See the figure below. The Network Administrator tried to connect to Switch1 through the security shell but failed. What is the most likely cause?
The configured vty line is incorrect.
The default gateway address is incorrect.
Incompatible security shell version
The vty line is configured to allow only Telnet connections.


11. See the illustration. Vswitches and workstations have been configured for full-duplex operations. Which of the following statements accurately reflect the operation of this link?
This link does not conflict.
Only one device can transmit data at a time.
The switch will first transmit data.
If too many conflicts occur, the device restores the half-duplex operation by default.



12. Which two methods can be used to make the switch vulnerable to MAC address flooding, CDP attacks, Telnet attacks, and other attacks? (Select two items .)
Enable CDP on the vswitch.
Change the password periodically.
Disable unnecessary services.
Enable the HTTP server on the vswitch.
Use the Enable password instead of the Enable Password









15. See the figure below. If the MAC address table of SW1 is empty, which of the following operations will SW1 take For frames sent from PC_A to PC_C?
SW1 discards the frame.
SW1 will flood the frame from all ports except port Fa0/1.
SW1 will flood the frame from all ports except Fa0/23 and Fa0/1 on the vswitch.
SW1 synchronizes the MAC address tables of the two switches using the CDP protocol, and then forwards the frames to all ports on SW2.


16. Which of the following statements about layer-3 Ethernet switches are true? (Select two items .)
Layer-3 switches can block broadcasts.
The vswitch at Layer 2 has multiple conflicting domains.
Layer-3 switches communicate over different networks.
Layer-3 switches reduce the number of broadcast domains.
Layer-3 switches can send communication based on the target MAC address



17. See the figure below. The figure shows how many conflicting domains exist in the network?



18. See the figure below. The figure showsShow running-configCommand. The enable password for this switch is "cisco ". What conclusions can be drawn from the output?
By default, the Enable password is encrypted.
All encryption passwords are encrypted using the MD5 hash algorithm.
In this configuration, all the configured line-mode passwords are encrypted.
This line represents the most secure privileged execution mode password



19. See the figure below. The vswitch and hub have default configurations, and the vswitch has a CAM table. When workstation A sends unicast data packets to workstation C, which host will capture the copy of this frame?
Workstation C
Workstation B and C
Workstation A, B, C, and router interfaces
Workstation B, C, D, E, F, and router interfaces




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