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The vro command auto secure is easy to use, and can disable some insecure services and enable some secure services. Here is a summary of this command. (Note: ios 12.3 (1) or later versions are supported)


1. Disable some global insecure services as follows:

Small Servers
HTTP service
Identification Service
Source Routing

2. enable some global security services as follows:

Password-encryption service
Tuning of scheduler interval/allocation
TCP synwait-time
TCP-keepalives-in and tcp-kepalives-out
SPD configuration
No ip unreachables for null 0

3. Some insecure services that disable the interface are as follows:

Directed Broadcast
Disables MOP service
Disables icmp unreachables
Disables icmp mask reply messages.

4. Provide log security as follows:

Enables sequence numbers & timestamp
Provides a console log
Sets log buffered size
Provides an interactive dialogue to configure the logging server ip address.

5. Protect the Access Router as follows:

Checks for a banner and provides facility to add text to automatically configure:
Login and password
Transport input & output
Local AAA
SSH timeout and ssh authentication-retries to minimum number
Enable only SSH and SCP for access and file transfer to/from the router

6. Protect Forwarding Plane

Enables Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) or distributed CEF on the router, when available
Blocks all IANA reserved IP address blocks
Blocks private address blocks if customer desires
Installs a default route to NULL 0, if a default route is not being used
Configures TCP intercept for connection-timeout, if TCP intercept feature is available and the user is interested
Starts interactive configuration for CBAC on interfaces facing the Internet, when using a Cisco IOS Firewall image,
Enables NetFlow on software forwarding platforms

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