Cisco switches import IOS via console

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Preparation instructions:

SECURECRT software is installed on the computer

Import IOS:

First step: Use SECURECRT to connect to the switch. Enter Rommon mode (ctrl+break key combination)

The second part: Set the baud rate is 115200. Adjust the baud rate, can greatly reduce the time to fill iOS, if it is the default of 9600, it takes 4 hours, only 30 minutes after the change, after the screen garbled, need to reset the CRT, and adjust the baud rate consistent, and then reconnect.

Switch: baud=115200

  Step three: Upload iOS

Switch: flash_init
Initializing Flash ...
... The flash is already initialized.
Setting console baud rate to 115200 ...

Switch: load_helperswitch: copy
Begin the Xmodem or xmodem-1k transfer now ...
-When C is waiting for you to send a file via the Xmodem protocol, select Transfer->>> send xmodem->>> on the CRT to select the iOS file!

   The above method is especially suitable for cases where the switch iOS is damaged or mistakenly deleted, which causes it not to start properly. If the switch can be started normally using TFTP and other network mode is very convenient.

Cisco switches import IOS via console

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