Cisco Technology Learning Notes: VTP and three-tier switched VLAN communication

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Experiment topological diagram

Experiment Request:

Using static route to realize network interoperability, using VTP management VLAN, using three-layer switching technology to achieve VLAN communication.

Experiment steps:

1, using Visio to draw a topology map

2. Planning IP Address

3, using packet Tracer 5.0 for simulation experiment.

Summary of Knowledge points:

This experiment set involves static route, VTP, three layer exchange three knowledge points. Where static routing I have mentioned in the "Small five Cisco technology learning notes static Routing and single arm routing". Today we will also use the default route, which is commonly said 8 0.

Skill Sharing:

Our experiment still uses packet Tracer 5.0 for simulations, and many novices feel overwhelmed with the software. In fact, we just follow a certain way to configure the operation, will find it is not difficult. I usually do experiments in the time, is from the bottom of the principle, that is, first from the client PC start configuration, for each computer configuration IP address gateway. Then the switch, and finally the router. The other is to divide a large network into small chunks of small networks for configuration. Connect each small network to a large network. Based on this experiment, I am divided in this way.

This small area configuration is very easy to debug and know where the problem is.

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