Cisco three-tier switching configuration command

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In the three-layer switching technology principle, we mentioned that the three-tier exchange (also known as multi-layer switching technology, or IP switching technology) is relative to the traditional exchange concept. As we all know, the traditional exchange technology is in the OSI Network Standard Model of the second Layer-data link layer operation, and three-tier switching technology in the network model in the third layer to achieve packet high-speed forwarding.

This article shares a more comprehensive three-tier switch configuration instance     enable //into private mode     configure terminal  //into the global mode     service password-encryption //encrypt the password     hostname  catalyst 3550-12t1 //defines names     enable password 123456. //for three-tier switches Enable password     enable secret 654321 //enable encryption password (should be garbled instead of 654321)      ip subnet-zero //allows full 0 subnets (all open by default)     ip name-server //three-layer switch name CATALYST 3550-12T1 corresponding IP address is   service dhcp // Provide DHCP services     ip routing //Enable routing modules on the three-tier switch     exit   vtp mode& nbsp;server //defines VTP working mode as sever mode     vtp domain centervtp // Define the name of the VTP domain as the centervtp    vlan 2 name vlan2 //define the VLAN and name the VLAN (if not named, Vlan2 's name should be vlan002)     vlan 3 name vlan3    vlan 4 name vlan4    Vlan&nbsp ; 5 name vlan5    vlan 6 name vlan6    vlan 7 name  Vlan7    vlan 8 name vlan8    vlan 9 name vlan9    exit& nbsp;  interface port-channel 1 //into the virtual Ethernet channel Group 1    switchport trunk  encapsulation dot1q //trunk for this interface is encapsulated in 802.1Q frame format     switchport mode trunk  //defines the working mode of this interface as trunk    switchport trunk allowed vlan all // On this trunk, all VLANs are allowed to enter the Gigabit Ethernet port on module 0 via     interface gigabitethernet 0/1 //1     switchport trunk encapsulation dotlq //trunk For this interface is encapsulated in 802.1Q frame format      SWITCHPORT MODE TRUNK //defines the working mode of this interface as trunk    Switchport trunk allowed vlan all //allows all VLANs to pass     channel-group 1 on this trunk  mode on //put this interface into the Fast Ethernet channel Group 1     interface gigabitethernet 0/2 //ditto     SWITCHPORT TRUNK ENCAPSULATION DOTLQ    switchport mode  Trunk    Switchport trunk allowed vlan all    channel-group 1  Mode on    port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip //defines the load balancing method for Fast Ethernet channel groups (in terms of the source and destination IP)     interface gigabitethernet 0/3 //into the Gigabit etheric Port 3    on module 0 switchport  trunk encapsulation dotlq //to trunk encapsulated as 802.1q    switchport mode  trunk //defines the working mode of this interface as trunk    switchport trunk allowed vlan all // Allow all VLAN information to pass     interface gigabitethernet 0/4 //ditto   &nbsP   SWITCHPORT TRUNK ENCAPSULATION DOTLQ    Switchport mode trunk    Switchport trunk allowed vlan all    interface gigbitethernet 0/5 / /ditto     SWITCHPORT TRUNK ENCAPSULATION DOTLQ    switchport mode  Trunk    switchport trunk allowed vlan all  

     interface gigbitethernet 0/6 //ditto     switchport  TRUNK ENCAPSULATION DOTLQ    switchport mode trunk    switchprot  Trunk allowed vlan all    interface gigbitethernet 0/7 //into module 0, Gigabit Ethernet Port 7     switchport mode access //defines the working mode of this interface as access mode     switchport    access vlan 9 //defines which VLAN this interface can access (actually allocating this interface to VLANs)     No shutdown      spanning-tree vlan 6-9 cost 1000 //in the spanning tree, the vlan6-9 cost is defined as 10000      interface range gigabitethernet 0/8 – 10 //into the Gigabit etheric port on module 0 8,9,10    switchport mode access //defines the working mode of these interfaces as access mode     Switchport access vlan  8 //assign these interfaces to Vlan8     No shutdown    Spanning-tree portfast //uses portfast on these interfaces (after using Portfast, does not participate in the generation of the tree, directly becomes the forwarding state)     interface  gigabitethernet 0/11 //into the Gigabit Ethernet 11    on module 0 switchport trunk encapsulation  dotlq //this interface to 802.1q    switchport mode trunk //The working mode of defining this interface is trunk       switchport trunk allowed vlan all //allows all VLAN information to pass through     interface gigabitethernet 0/12 //ditto     switchport trunk encapsulation  DOTLQ    switchport mode trunk    Switchport trunk allowed vlan  all    interface vlan 1 //into Vlan1 logical interface (not physical interface, used to route VLAN)     IP  address //configuration IP address and subnet mask     no shutdown     standby 1 ip //turned on redundant hot backup (HSRP), redundant hot backup Group 1, virtual router IP address for    standby 1 priority 110 preempt //defines the priority of this three-layer switch in redundant hot-backup Group 1 as 110,preempt is used to open preemption mode     interface vlan 2 //ditto     ip address    no shutdown    standby 2 ip     Standby 2 priority 110 preempt    Ip access-group 101 in  //uses extended access control lists in the direction 101    interface vlan 3 //Ibid     ip  address    No shutdown    standby 3 ip    standby 3 priority 110 preempt    ip  Access-group 101 in    interface vlan 4 //ditto     ip address    No shutdown    standby 4 ip    standby 4 priority 110 preempt    ip  Access-group 101 in    interface vlan 5    ip address    No shutdown    standby 5 ip    standby 5 priority 110 preempt    ip access-group  101 in    interface vlan 6    ip address    no shutdown    standby 6 ip    Stand By 6 priority 100 preempt    interface vlan 7       ip& nbsp;address  

      no shutdown    standby 7 ip    Standby 7 priority 100 preempt    interface vlan 8    ip  address    No shutdown    standby 8 ip    standby 8 priority 100 preempt    interface  Vlan 9    ip address    no shutdown  &   nbsp standby 9 ip    standby 9 priority 100 preempt     access-list 101 deny ip any //Extended access Control List 101     Access-list 101 permit ip any any    interface vlan 1  //Enter vlan1 This logical interface     IP HELPER-ADDRESS //can forward broadcasts (Helper-address is the function of converting the broadcast to unicast and then sending it to     Interface vlan  2    ip helper-address    interface vlan 3    ip& nbsp;helper-address    interface vlan 4    ip helper-address    interface vlan 5    ip helper-address     interface vlan 6    ip helper-address    interface v   Lan 7    ip helper-address    interface vlan 9    ip helper-address    router rip //Enable routing protocol rip    version  2 //use is RIPv2, if there is no such sentence, it is to use the ripv1    network //declared direct connected network segment      exit   ip route //default route, all packets that have no way to match in the routing table, send the next hop address to this router     line con  0    line aux 0    line vty 0 15 //telnet Line (routers only 5, 0-4) & nbsp;   password 12345678 //login Password     login       end    copy running-config startup-config //Save Configuration   

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