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When using a vro, Cisco vro password management will inevitably forget the vro password. Today, I will take the cisco router as an example to introduce the Router password and IOS recovery method in detail. I. Cisco Router password
Connect a vro to a computer using the Console
1. Within 60 seconds after the instance is started, press <ctrl> + <Break> 3-5 s on the Super Terminal (preferably for a longer time) to enter the rommon mode. The prompt is as follows: rommon1>; 2. rommon1> confreg 0x2142; 3. rommon2> reset to restart the vro; 4. Enter setup Initialization Configuration Mode, select NO, enter user mode router>; 5. router> en; Router # copy startup-config running-config; Router # configure terminal; Router (config) # Set the Router name to 01r1 or 01r2; Router (config) # Delete secret; router (config) # Delete password; Router (config) # Set secret to s301; Router (config) # Set password to cisco; Router (config) # disable domain name search; router (conf) # enter the console line; Router (conf-line) # Set password to con; Router (conf-line) # Start password; Router (conf-line) # Set input synchronization; Router # config terminal; Router (config) # config-register 0x2102; Router # show version; Router # copy running-config startup-config; router # reload;
2. To restore a Cisco IOS Server to a computer, you must install the TFTP Server and ensure that the TFTP Server is running. The computer uses the Server-PT type. 1. Connect the vro and the computer. 2. Start the TFTP service and set the IP address. 3. Start the vro to enter ROM Monitor mode. 4. configure it in Rommon mode, upload the IOS file on the TFTP server to the vro;
Rommon1: IP_ADDRESS = IP address of the router; rommon2: IP_SUBNET_MASK = mask of the router; rommon3: DEFAULT_GATEWAY = gateway, which can be any IP address in the subnet, generally the IP address of TFTP; rommon4: TFTP_SERVER = IP address of the TFTP server; rommon5: TFTP_FILE = Name of the uploaded file, enter the IOS file name of any 2600 series on the TFTP server; rommon6: sync (SAVE); rommon7: set (view); rommon8: tftpdnld (Transfer file). When prompted, select y for a long time. You can see the transfer process without waiting. rommon9: reset.
The above is the procedure for restoring the Cisco Router password and IOS. If you need it, refer to it.
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