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With the development of the mobile market, the MDM/emm market has gradually entered a stage of rapid development and maturity. Citrix xenmobile has been continuously developed and integrated, and is making continuous progress. After joint cooperation and efforts, xenmobile has gained more and more customers' understanding and recognition in the Chinese market. To meet the needs of more users and the market, xenmobile 9.0 has been released recently.

What exciting new features have Citrix xenmobile 9.0 added?

Xenmobile9.0 updates and improves the MDX toolkit, Worx home, worxmail, and other Worx applications.

Device management

Supports registration of Windows phone8.1 devices. In addition, the registration terminal features more simplified, you can use your own enterprise network creden。 to register.

The new xenmobile integrates the Apple device registration program. After the user completes the standard initial configuration of iOS, the user automatically registers the ios7 device released by the new company.

Multi-site cluster function. You can create a server that consists of multiple geographic site device managers to make the device management service highly available and elastic.

License. You can use the Citrix License Server to manage your xenmobile licenses. Previous versions of licenses do not support Citrix license servers and are independent licenses. Citrix now integrates these licenses into the Citrix license server system.

Sony SD card encryption. You can configure encrypted external SD card storage on Sony devices running Android.

Windows 8 devices no longer support registration management. You must upgrade to windows8.1.

Mdx Toolkit

Automated prerequisite checks. Before the MDX packaging process, the MDX toolkit now allows an automatic check to ensure that the startup application meets all the prerequisites.

Cloud installation is supported. Install the MDX Toolkit when deploying an application controller instance to implement the application MDX packaging in a cloud environment.

Worx Application

  Worx home

Improved battery life. Increase the battery life of Worx home by 15%.

Worx home is now improved to support ad authentication.

Simplify the registration process and provide log support.


The interface is redesigned to improve the appearance of calendar and contacts.

New features such as quick sorting

Enhance meeting invitation and global refresh


Supports offline viewing

Support Viewing History

Enhanced security browsing

Add a Worx Application

Worxdesktop. Users connect from their iPad to their computer's desktop, access applications, files and network-connected drives.

Worxedit. Users can open, browse, create, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on their iOS devices.

Worxnotes. Allows users to record, recall, and share text, photos, audio, and video notes with the help of relevant events, locations, and people's context information.

Other improvements

IPad-specific applications can automatically block installation on the iPhone.


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