Citrix Xenmobile Learning Note III: MAM mobile app Management (Mobility application Management)

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Product Introduction

si Jie(Citrix)delivers enterprise-class mobile application management in its comprehensive enterprise mobility solution(MAM)function. XenMobile MAMversion byCloudgatewaydevelopment. CloudgatewayIt was Scarlett who enteredMAMthe Springboard. All features of the product areXenMobileof theMAMversion, now calledAppversion, Citrix also has an Enterprise Edition with full functionality. XenMobilethe mobile app management component runs onIos, Android,Windows,Windows Phone,Mac OS X, BlackBerry and even Saipan. XenMobileSupportIosnative apps with Android. MAMthe cornerstone of the component is theWorxThe concept of driving applications: encapsulating mobile apps to where administrators can use specific security and management policies. So theseWorxwhere does the drive application come from? Developer orIsvs(Independent software vendors) allows their applications to becomeWorxapplications, such as throughXenMobilefor encapsulation and management, just add a line of code in their program. The code points to the library forXenMobileprovide management and security interfaces, developers orIsvsThere is no need to worry about management and security.

Functional Characteristics

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Enterprise App Store

supports multiple devices:Smartphone,tablet, PC, and MAC devices

support for the latest systems: IOS, Android,WindowsMobile & CE,Symbian, BlackBerry

Mobile apps , web, Data Center and Windows apps

Safety Applications in the mdx-package

provide all apps and user resources through an enterprise App Store

Personalization According to user role

Self Service subscription

deliver native applications

"Follow-me-apps(App follow)" on any device

Integrated Application request Workflow

mobile app Security

Secure application Container

Sandbox technology for third-party applications

Micro VPN

Specific app lock and erase

Cross-application communication control

Condition-based access policy

Scenario-based access control

Federated Identity (federatedidentity) and single Sign-on (SSO)

Data protection settings that allow the IT department to take a granular and easy-to-measure approach

e-mail and Web Apps

sandbox mail, documents and browsers

@WorkMail: mail, calendar and contact information, a great local experience, integration with MDX apps,MDX protection

@WorkWeb: internal Web app Access, user experience, integration with MDX apps,MDX protection

Safety Applications in the mdx-package

SaaS and Web SSO


XenMobile MAM helps manage, secure, and control native mobile and WEB applications.

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