Citrix xenmobile study Note 5: xenmoble architecture component

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Xenmobile enterprise includes secure mobile production applications such as email and web browsing, and ensures file sharing, synchronization, and editing security. Citrix has successfully stood out in the Enterprise Mobile office market with this unparalleled integrated mobile service.

Today's work models require secure and smooth access to applications and materials from various mobile devices. Employees need to obtain mobile, windows, network, and software as a service (SAAS) applications from the easy-to-use Unified Enterprise app store. Employees need to be able to view, edit, synchronize, and share data anytime, anywhere, and get real-time mobile support on a variety of selected devices. Citrix xenmobile enterprise is equipped with multiple secure mobile technologies such as devices, applications and data management, mobile production applications, and real-time support. It is the only solution that can properly implement enterprise mobility.

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Xenmobile architecture and components

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Worx home

The Citrix Worx home application enables IT departments to implement Mobile settings and security policies on mobile devices. Employees can use this application to access a unified enterprise application store and obtain real-time support services. Xenmobile communicates with Worx home to deliver applications and policies that support MDM and Worx. Xenmobile app controller can also add the most frequently used applications to the Unified Enterprise app store.

This component is installed on all built-in devices (BYO), enterprise devices, mobile devices, and tablets for server access.

NetScaler Gateway

NetScaler gateway is a secure application and data access solution. It provides administrators with fine-grained application-level and data-level control functions and allows users to remotely access applications from any location. It enables IT administrators to centrally manage access control from one location and restrict operations in sessions based on user identities and terminal device types, in this way, more effective application security, data protection, and compliance management functions are provided.

This component is mainly deployed in the DMZ area to help users access it remotely.

Xenmobile Device Manager

Xenmobile Device Manager allows the IT Department to manage mobile devices, develop mobile policies and compliance rules, gain an in-depth understanding of mobile network operations, control mobile applications and data, and protect enterprise networks from mobile threats. One-click Control Panel, simple management console, and Microsoft Active Directory and PKI and security information and event management (SIEM) real-time integration of systems and other enterprise infrastructure, xenmobile Device Manager simplifies mobile device management.

This component is used to manage connected mobile devices.

Xenmobile app Controller

The app controller manages and implements access to enterprise mobile, web, SAAS applications, and elastic file data resources. When the app controller is used, the single-factor authentication and enumeration processes, as well as network communication with storefront, are identical to those between storefront and xendesktop.

This component is used to distribute and manage applications.

Upload File

Citrix Secure File is an enterprise-level "follow-me data" solution that helps it departments securely and reliably synchronize and save files on any device, and shared with anyone. Storagezones enables IT departments to store data in the most appropriate storage area according to business requirements. For example, the IT department can store data in storagezones managed by Citrix distributed in multiple locations around the world. This simple, easy, and secure cloud storage delivers the advantages of the SAAs model while meeting the data synchronization and collaboration needs of all users using various BYO devices.

This component mainly stores and shares user data information.

Stored file-storagezones

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