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I have written a lot of basic knowledge before. Simply put, it is the help class library of the project. Now I will start to write a very popular e-commerce example as a practical example, let everyone have a naked understanding of my architecture and make common progress.

First of all, it's a preface.

In this e-commerce project, I am not confident in my front-end level, because I only copy other people's things. Therefore, most of my content will show you how to build such a system through the idea of DDD, and the front-end effect. If you have any useful ready-made architecture, you can recommend it to me, at the same time, during the development process, I may refactor the previous project structure. After all, I have limited capabilities. Please criticize and correct me.

Let's take a general look at some of the main requirements of e-commerce. E-commerce mainly involves goods, product attributes, shopping cart, order, order status switch, shipping address, and user.

The following is a functional structure of e-commerce that I searched from the Internet. It can be said that this graph is really enough. Here is the original article link


I have covered all the basic functions above. I think there is still a lot to do later. Now, let's talk about it today.

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