CJCMS series-Preparations for e-commerce website cases: continuous integration platform construction

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This continuous integration platform uses the popular cc.net system, along with the system tracking management system and code version management svn.

The continuous integration platform consists of automatic acquisition of the latest code, automatic compilation, automatic code detection specifications, automated unit testing, automated coverage testing, and automatic deployment.

  •   List of software used:

  Platform software:


Trac-0.01 --- software required in windows installation environment



TestDriven. NET-2.14.2190_Personal

  Develop software:

Visual studio 2010

SQL server 2005

TestDriven. NET




  •   Main framework class libraries used:


Pangu word segmentation component


Dependency injection (TBD)

Verification or FluentValidation in the Microsoft enterprise database


  •   Main architecture ideas:


  Ccnet. config

<cruisecontrol xmlns:cb="urn:ccnet.config.builder">  <!-- This is your CruiseControl.NET Server Configuration file. Add your projects below! -->  <project name="MyFirstProject"           description="demoproject showing a small config">    <triggers>    <!-- check the source control every X time for changes,          and run the tasks if changes are found -->      <intervalTrigger               name="continuous"               seconds="30"               buildCondition="IfModificationExists"               initialSeconds="5"/>    </triggers>    <!--<sourcecontrol     type="nullSourceControl"                     alwaysModified="true">    </sourcecontrol>-->    <sourcecontrol type="svn">      <authCaching>None</authCaching>      <autoGetSource>True</autoGetSource>      <checkExternals>False</checkExternals>      <checkExternalsRecursive>True</checkExternalsRecursive>      <cleanCopy>False</cleanCopy>      <cleanUp>False</cleanUp>      <deleteObstructions>False</deleteObstructions>      <dynamicValues />      <executable>C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\bin\svn.exe</executable>      <forceUpdate>False</forceUpdate>      <username>cj</username>      <password>12</password>      <revert>False</revert>      <tagOnSuccess>False</tagOnSuccess>      <tagWorkingCopy>False</tagWorkingCopy>      <timeout>600000</timeout>      <trunkUrl>http://localhost:8089/svn/TestPro/trunk/</trunkUrl>      <workingDirectory>D:\tmp</workingDirectory>      <revisionNumbers>False</revisionNumbers>    </sourcecontrol>            <tasks>          <exec>              <!-- if you want the task to fail, ping an unknown server -->              <executable>ping.exe</executable>              <buildArgs>localhost</buildArgs>              <buildTimeoutSeconds>15</buildTimeoutSeconds>              <description>Pinging a server</description>          </exec>      <!--<nunit>        <path>C:\Program Files\TestDriven.NET 2.0\NUnit\2.4\nunit-console.exe</path>        <assemblies>          <assembly>D:\tmp\src\Orchard.Core.Tests\bin\Debug\Orchard.Core.Tests.dll</assembly>          <assembly>D:\tmp\src\Orchard.Tests\bin\Debug\Orchard.Framework.Tests.dll</assembly>        </assemblies>        <timeout>60000</timeout>      </nunit>-->    </tasks>    <publishers>      <xmllogger />      <artifactcleanup cleanUpMethod="KeepLastXBuilds"                       cleanUpValue="50" />    </publishers>  </project></cruisecontrol>



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