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Open the Config.js file under CKEditor, modify the configuration, if not modified, will silently display all the tool bar configuration if you want to upload a picture, there is also the introduction of CKFinder.dll
Then the page introduced JS file: Ckeditor.js and Ckfinder.js

Of course, the above is at least a simple function. Configure the Chinese explanation code
Autodetectlanguage=true/false Automatic Detection language basehref= "" Relative link base address contentlangdirection= "Ltr/rtl" Default text direction contextmenu= string array, The contents of the right-click menu customconfigurationspath= the custom profile path and name Debug=true/false whether debugging is turned on, so that when Fckdebug.output () is called, the content is output in the debug window Defaultlanguage= "Default language editorareacss=" "Edit the style sheet file Enablesourcexhtml=true/false True when you switch to the code page by the visual interface, the HTML is processed into XHTML Enablexhtml=true/false if XHTML is allowed to replace HTML fillemptyblocks=true/false using this feature, you can replace empty block-level elements with empty glyd instead of fontcolors= "" Sets the text color list when the display color picker fontformats= "" Sets the font name in the font list that is displayed in the text Format list in the name fontnames= "" fontsizes= "" Font Size list forcepasteasplaintext= True/false force Paste as plain text forcesimpleampersand=true/false if the & symbol is not converted to an XML entity formatindentator= "" When indenting code uses characters in the source format Formatoutput=true/false whether the code is automatically formatted when the content is output Formatsource=true/false if the code is automatically formatted when switching to Code view Fullpage=true/false Whether to allow editing of the entire HTML file, or only allow editing of the contents of the body geckousespan=true/false whether the span tag is allowed in place of the b,i,u tag iespelldownloadurl= "" Download the spelling checker URL Imagebrowser=true/false whether the Browse Server feature is allowed imagebrowserurl= the URL that runs when you browse the server imagebrowserwindowheight= the Image browser window height ImagebrowseRwindowwidth= "" Image browser window width linkbrowser=true/false whether to allow browsing server when inserting links linkbrowserurl= "" to browse the URL of a server when inserting a link linkbrowserwindowheight= "Link target browser window height linkbrowserwindowwidth=" "Link target browser window width plugins=object Register plugin pluginspath=" "Plug-in folder Showborders=true/false merge Border skinpath= "Skin folder location smileycolumns=12 number of window columns smileyimages= character array image file name array smileypath=" " Symbol folder path Smileywindowheight The height of the symbol window smileywindowwidth the window width spellchecker= iespell/spellerpages set the spelling checker startupfocus= True/false Open focus to editor stylesxmlpath= "" Sets the location of the XML file that defines the CSS style list tabspaces=4 the number of space characters that are generated by the TAB key Toolbarcancollapse=true/false Allow expand/Collapse Toolbar Toolbarsets=object allow toolbar collection toolbarstartexpanded=true/false on whether toolbar expands usebroncarriagereturn= True/false whether to generate a BR mark or a P or div tag when you enter
This is the nature of the configuration file, just the meaning of the book, the format is like this, such as fontnames meaning, the font name in the list of fonts, in the configuration file in the format of the book is like this, font_names
Customizing the toolbar code
Source= "page source" docprops= "Page Properties" save= "Save" newpage= "new" preview= "Preview" templates= "template" cut= "cut" copy= "copy" paste= "Paste" pastetext= "Paste as unformatted text" pasteword= "Paste Word format" print= "print" spellcheck= "spell check to install plug-in" undo= "undo" redo= "Redo" find= "Find" replace= " Replace "selectall=" Select All "removeformat=" clear format (clear now text format) "form=" form field "checkbox=" Check "radio=" Radio "textfield=" single line text "Textarea=" multiline text "select=" list "button=" button "imagebutton=" Image area "hiddenfield=" hidden Field "bold=" bold "italic=" Tilt "underline=" Underline "strikethrough=" Strikethrough "subscript=" subscript "superscript=" superscript "orderedlist=" delete/insert Item List "unorderedlist=" delete/Insert Bullets "outdent=" Decrease Indent "indent=" Increase Indent " justifyleft= "Align Left" justifycenter= "center" justifyright= Align Right "justifyfull=" scatter "link=" link "unlink=" Delete link "anchor=" Insert/delete anchor point "image=" Upload image "flash=" Upload animation "table=" Insert Table "rule=" Insert horizontal line "smiley=" Insert expression "specialchar=" Insert special character "pagebreak=" Insert Page break "style=" style " fontformat= "format" fontname= "Font" fontsize= "size" textcolor= "Font Color" bgcolor= "background color" fitwindow= "full screen edit" about= "About Us"
Meaning: "[]" means a toolbar, the dash ("-") is a delimiter as a toolbar collection, ("/") means that the slash is used to force the line to where it is, so that the toolbar bands will appear in a new row instead of the toolbar Bloos. You can delete the "[]" tool bar by your own intention.
Custom configuration: ckeditor.editorconfig = function (config) {//Define changes to the default configuration here.        For example://config.language = ' fr '; Config.uicolor = ' #AADC6E '; }
This is an implicit setup that you can modify inside.

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