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Share a CoC free way to get a gem, that is, we can earn points through "freemyapps (a website that uses download and promotion apps to earn points)", and then use points in exchange for iTunes gift cards, use it to buy a gem ($10 = $3000 ).


Step 1: Open the Safari browser with your iPhone or iPad, and then type the URL Then click Download Free apps ";
Step 2: Click an app, a black box is displayed, click okay, and install a description file (for verification purposes, do not affect the system );
Step 3: After the description file is installed, it will automatically return to the web page and download the app in the list (if you do not directly jump to the application download page, you can also manually search for the downloaded APP ), each app clearly indicates the points that can be obtained by downloading the app;
Step 4: After the app is installed, open and run for at least 30 seconds and return to freemyapps. You can see that you have earned points in the upper right corner. Then, you can delete the downloaded app.

After earning 3000 points, you can change the price to 10 dollars, and then buy a gem to buy a worker (of course you can also buy other applications )!

Note: redeem gift cards can only be used for U.S. Accounts. If you do not have them, you can register them first.

Game introduction:
Clash of clans, usually referred to as COC, is called tribal conflict in Chinese and is an epic combat strategy game. In the game, players take the lead as the main character. They can build villages, and then build resource buildings that regularly supply gold coins and drinking water to maintain the development of villages, continuous training of tribal soldiers to provide stable and powerful combat forces to fight against thousands of netizens.

Game: Mt = 8

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