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1. Download The jadclipse plug-in
Note: jadclipse_3.1.0.jar, which supports eclipse3.1m6 ~ 3.2m2
Jadclipse_3.2.0.jar, which supports eclipse3.2m3 and eclipse3.2m4.
Jadclipse_3.2.4.jar, which supports eclipse3.2m5 ~ 3.3m5
Jadclipse_3.0.jar, which supports eclipse3.3m6 and later versions

2. Download jad.exeand copy the downloaded jad.exe file to the bin directory of JRE, or add the absolute path of the Jad execution file to the path of the environment variable.

3. Configure jadclipse and create the directory structure of myplugins \ jadclipse \ eclipse \ plugins under the directory % eclipse_home % \. Put jadclipse_3.3.0.jar (used for eclipse3.5) under the Plugins directory, create jadclipse under the % eclipse_home % \ links directory. link file (the name can be obtained at will), jadclipse. link content: Path = .. \ jadclipse (note that the double Backslash "\" is required "\\")

4. Restart eclipse and check WINDOW> preferences> JAVA> jadclipse. If jadclipse is displayed, the preceding configuration is successful. Otherwise, check the preceding configuration.

5. Path to decomplier: Specifies the location of the JAD file of The Decompilation tool. (It can be set to jad.exe under the directory of the jrebind)

6. Set the associated editors of *. Class file to jadclipse class File Viewer as the default item.

In addition, batch Decompilation
In cmd, go to the path where the class file is located and enter the command: Jad-o-r-s Java-d src *. Class
Parameter description:
-O: overwrite the old file without prompting for confirmation.
-R: Reload and generate the package structure.
-S: defines the extension of the output file. Jad is the default extension. We need the. Java source file after decompiling.
-D: directory of the output file. SRC indicates that all decompiled files are placed in the src directory.
*. Class: Specifies to parse all files ending with. class in this folder, that is, to parse the class file

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