Classic and practical Basic ASP code collation

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  1. Close the window and write on the connection of the picture

Javascript:window.close ();

Submit a picture connection write

Javascript:document. Form1.submit ();

Confirmation dialog box appears before deleting:

<a href= "Del.asp?id=<%=rs (" rowID ")%>" > Delete </a>

  2, with VBScript pop-up prompt box and then jump to the specified page

Response.Write "<script language= ' JavaScript ' >alert (" submitted successfully! "); location.href= "" addbook.asp "";</script> "

  3, the page to wait .... Script Description:
Add the following code to the

<script language= "JavaScript" >
document.write ("<font size=6 color=blue face= ' italics _gb2312 ' ><B> is loading the homepage of the Web teaching website, please wait a moment." </B></font> ");
Window.location.href= "";

  4, in the text directly modify the record, and then point to modify Save record

Do as not (rs.eof or RS.BOF) and Count<rs. PageSize%>
<form action= "webgroupedit.asp" method= "post" name= "Groupedit" >
<tr bgcolor= "E9F3FF" >
<td> <%=rs ("id")%> <input name= "B" type= "hidden" id= "B" value= "<%=rs (" id ")%>" >
<input name= "Currpage" type= "hidden" id= "Currpage" value= "<%=page%>" ></td>
&LT;TD height= "><input name=" a "type=" text "id=" a "value=" <%=rs ("Memgroupname")%> "size=" maxlength = "M" >
&LT;TD height= "><input name=" C "type=" text "id=" C "value=" <%=rs ("remark")%> "size=" maxlength= "30" ></td>
<td><input type= "Submit" name= "Submit" value= "modified" ></td>
<td><div align= "center" ><a href= "Webgroupdel.asp?id=<%=rs" ("id")%>&page=<%=page%> " > Delete </a></div></td>

  5, automatic calculation problem:

<input type= "hidden" name= "Selvalue" >
<select name= "Select1" onchage= "javascript:document.form1.selvalue.value=this.options[ This.options.selectedindex].text ">
<option value= "1" > Sina </option>
<option value= "2" > Baidu </option>
<option value= "3" > China net </option>
<option value= "4" > Tencent </option>

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