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Kiss the rain marks (yiruma)
The daydream)
The daydream)
City of the sky piano edition carrying you
Merry Christmas MR. Lawrence)
Mobile city Lin Hai
Moonlight border Lin Hai
Lost Lin Hai
The silence in the distance, Lin Hai
Canon in D, pahebel
Birds's poems piano Edition

The song of the stray man salazati
City of the sky
Lily (the song in the "place of the cloud)
Ave Maria chanson Shu Bert
Panhebel, D major Canon
Sarasati, the song of the Titans
The First GORGEOUS Polish Dance in D Major, vinavski
24 casual songs, pargioni
Vitali in gminor

Swan San Sang (elegant SWAN)
Bach (Classic), prelude to no-accompaniment cello unit in gmajor 1st)
0-9 cello in B major, bokariini
"Xi Sili dance music" Fu Lei (very melody, nice music)

The Chinese folk song of the singlee polka
St. Sang (gentle) in romantic songs)

Lady with flax hair, Debussy
Dual-e's marching song: Wagner (marching song)
Farandore, the girl of ale City (more imposing)
Jupiter in planetary Orchestration (warm, but sad)
"Little night song" Shu Bert (little night song, romantic)
Mendelson (full of sunshine)

Bach (this song is considered to be the most different from a flute Group)
Meditation Masne (romantic French style)
Grieg (fresh and beautiful sketch)
Alpini Board (SAD, heavy)

The above are some of your favorite nice songs, including classical and modern ones (I'm tired)
But it's really nice. In addition, if you like classical music, you can watch the TV animated golden Piano String, Which is exclusive to many famous songs.
Qiu bit instrumental
Http://www.cstszx.neT/jiaoshi/gaojunying/Music/qiu % 20bi % 20te. Mp3


City of the sky
Http: // wma

Irish lullaby Ireland

Monthly renewal and Installation

Sleepless Beauty clear and

Others' romance

TV has been released soon
Http: //

May you like
Clear-stream piano music

Zomori piano

Wind vow Liang Bangyan

From Furusato Reborn ~ Please wait until then ~" Composing: Jia Yu zemeconcentrated
Still cannot forget the second one that impressed me deeply

Quiet from Xiang, composing: Jing Aili
This is an unattended Forest

The red leaves from Tofu Dongfeng compose: A mass pawn
"Falling Red is not a heartless thing, turning into spring mud to protect flowers", standing beside the ancient tree, looking up at the branches of the red leaves, float thousands of emotions.

09 The First Frost from senluo Vientiane: qishi
This short and cool zizheng solo perfectly blends music with nature.

Mu Ye's journey is from the Song Tian Dao Yu · Yu> composing: cun songjian
The old dead leaves witness a period of silent historical changes.

07 young people in the sunset from zicui shuiming play: Jia pengfang
Outside the long pavilion, the ancient road edge. Staring at the distance, waiting for the blood of the residual sun, snuggle between the high and low distant mountains, ing out thousands of Xia Hui. Let the back of a wandering child be vaguely depicted on the road. I saw a Lonely face melt in the evening.

Dream stars Etude ~ A wish to the moon ~ : Jiu shi
The simple music is a simple music. At the beginning, it seems like waking up from a dream.
Bretagne Breton campagne de France
Composing: the city

04 Water circles ripple from Water circles composing: James
I have to say that this is a wonderful song. The short and repetitive rhythm is a combination of the ripple of the ring that ripple across the water.

3 spring scenes from empty Sora ~ Happy and green Composing: jingtian Chengyi
This is an extremely smooth Erhu melody that I have heard of except "red. With the two Erhu players, the whole spring season will be exhausted.

02 Spring Outing trip from Furusato 2 ~ Guli ~ Composing: cun songjian
The so-called "dip clothing to wet apricot rain, blow the surface is not cold Willow wind"
From Furusato ~ Taoyuan is just around the corner. Singing: Gong yixianzhi
I haven't heard such a pure multi-person voice for a long time.

1. CCTV "Weather Forecast"
Http://club.cztv. TV/TouMao/tqybback.mp3
It is said that it is the only background music that has not been changed by CCTV so far, and "Weather Forecast" has been using it all the time.
Fish boat singing night (weather forecast background music) is a well-known e-piano performer in Shanghai, Pu qizhen, adapted from the music of the same name. She used to be a solo performer of the Shanghai orchestra. she graduated from the "Little Star" Art Troupe and has made great achievements in Art. She once worked with the Shanghai Light Music Orchestra on many popular songs, such: happy home and so on. Tuba HAI in the music industry often cooperates with her. After this piece of music is completed, Pu Qi will leave the music industry. However, this song was favored by the Chinese people because it was used as background music by CCTV's "Weather Forecast" on the golden TV program. In those years, when Puqi used the concert e-piano of the Three-row "Yamaha" keyboard to adapt and play this song, he did not expect it to become the golden background music of the prime time program, even more, it will affect so many Chinese people.
2. Adagio)
Http://www.luciaz.coM/music/songfro... RdEn/adagio.mp3
Adagio is very soft, just like its name. It is also a kind of work that can be touched. When I hear it, I can't help but cry, just to see its strong appeal! Some advertisements use it as background music, and some emotional programs on the radio station also use it as background music. In addition, this music is also a rare good music (the music is from the album songs from a secret garden).
3. Dawn of heroes
Http://www.chinadv.cOM/FORUM/web/up... 29/22993748.wma
A magnificent song has appeared in the Japanese cartoon "Three Kingdoms" and also in the 95 version of "Condor Heroes.
4. You can leave the world alone
Http://www.chinadv.cOM/FORUM/web/up... 29/82769457.wma
East evil West poison-"Heaven and Earth alone Let me do", the background music of the rock-and-mortar opening at the opening of the movie was extremely cool. Later, when Zixia died in a westward journey, I couldn't help but burst into tears.
5. Bandari the Soong sister
Http://forest.hekou.Net/forest/CD/Mhy/09. MP3
97 tianlong Babu is a background music. It is very sad music, especially in the second half...
6. Anne's wonderland)
Http:// Tib
Annies Wonderland is from banderui's Wonderland album. It is soft and powerful, and is suitable for music recitation.
7. Phoenix TV's "Weather Forecast" theme song
This album "with an orchid" is from Yanni's album "if I cocould tell you", which is used by Phoenix TV for weather forecasting.
8. Song of the mysterious Garden (song from a secret garden)
This song is FROM the song of the mysterious Garden, the first album of the mysterious garden, songs from asecretgarden. It is said that this song is sad and can kill the dead, let people like lost in the mysterious jungle, the dark can not see the sky, can not find the exit, indulge in such a dark, like a person sitting in the shadow of a tree on the side of the road, quietly watching the way people come and go, others don't see you, you don't want to be seen, because you are afraid, because you are lonely, you know that this is not a good thing, but only in this way can you feel a little safe, and this loneliness has always tempted you ......
9. Windancer
This song is from the mysterious Park's album White stone (White stone). It is leisurely and elegant, and The tasteful bookstore and FLASH Animation prefer this song.
Http:// 00522617023.mp3
11. Tear (TEARS)
Http:// wma
Pure and beautiful piano music can often be heard. Unfortunately, I don't know more about it.
After many years, if we meet each other, I will face you with silence and tears ...... In the sad keys, I felt comforted, tears condensed into a perfect cherry blossom shape in the sun, even though the withered still warm. At that moment, I am really afraid of any resentment and Yin in my heart. A little bit will make myself unable to encounter beautiful music. After many years, will the silence of us, just like the past events that cannot be said, become a tear in our hearts? Or it's just evaporated by the scorching sun. At least I have cried for you, quiet, silent, and sad. In the corner of the years that cannot be touched, the rose heart is getting old.
12. Forrest Gump-Suite Forrest Gump
Http://www.51daqiu.cOm/forum/Upload... stGumpSuite.mp3
A ganzheng uploads a warm symphony, which will be deeply buried in the depths of our soul together with the movie. Whenever I hear this song, I think of argan, his own ups and downs have taught us how to cherish everything in front of us and how adversity cannot kill us. We should try to find our own happiness...
13. Variations on the Kanon by Pachelbel
Http:// mp3
In the movie "my brutal girlfriend", when the piano sound of Quan zhixian sounded in the lecture room of the University, the car taixian was so embarrassed that he could not help passing through the crowd, send the rose that has been prepared for a long time to Quan zhixian. At this moment, the sound of applause filled us with endless fantasies about love.
14. The Magnificent Seven)
Everyone on Earth knows the favorite background music for large awards parties. Bernstan Composing
15. Original scenery in hometown
Http: // song.52enjoy.. Net/data1000/02/72/027212.mp3
The legend of the Condor Heroes has been cited many times, and it is sad and touching. From Japanese composer Zong jilang's album "mudao" in 1991
16. Romance De Amor)
Http://bbs.leowood.nEt/web/music/romance. Mp3
A friend who learns a guitar must play a certain clip. Tracks that often appear in love TV series and youth TV series.
17. Simple Gifts)
Is the background music of the special english (slow music) Program of the American Broadcasting Agency (VOA? I am too familiar with it, but the speed of the radio edition is faster than this.
18. Snowdreams)
Http:// Mp3
This "Snowdreams" is from the spring wild album of banderui. It is a classic pure music, and the number of times it is used by radio stations and TV stations cannot be counted. It often serves as a background music in some gossip (especially in love, with a little bit of grief) broadcasts.
19. Childhood (Childhood Memory)
This Childhood Memory is from banderui's movie coast. It is true that the song is like its name, which reminds people of the past time and the impulse to cry ......
The flute and the black pipe will always be a fantastic combination of tube music, stacked on the gentle piano, followed by a needle in the memory, the chorus interspersed with a piece of sound and sound, it was the climax of the whole song's operation after the theme. It happened to echo the full stream of wind ringtones. The two set up a division of labor in the orchestrations, a fog-like curtain, it takes us back to the helpless but carefree childhood moments. Unfortunately, there are no more people to be separated once an adult has such sweet memories.
This song dynasty was taken from the hand of Japanese master Xi duolang. I personally feel that it is both magnificent and miserable. I love this background music for TV series on Hong Kong and Taiwan, for example, Li ruotong's "Hero of God".
21. Your Smile (Your Smile)
Http:// 00521712337133
This song is from banderui's Wonderland album. It seems that it is often used as a background music for midnight programs. Compared with the background music of several other emotional programs, this song is not very sad and sad, but it will touch your nerves.
Http:// .wma
"One day in spring" is from banderui's album "chunye", which is often used as a song starting with a program or as a background music starting with a news or get-up song. Is a very soothing and elegant classic music
23. goodbye police (goodbye)
Http://, user, 20067275643001. wma
It seems to be an Italian song, which is then widely cited by domestic films and TV works. The most obvious thing is that it is used by the background music "Goodbye Pol. Ice" in the "no Tao.
24. Wang Duyan
Http://images.bcct.cN/resourcedir/music/2587.mp3Xiyh) mm8>
I used it in the legend of the new white lady. I remember what Qingjie played at Qingjie garden station, called Broken Bridge. Xu Xian and Bai niangzi used it when they met on the broken bridge.
25. Return to innocence)
Http:// TW/mypage/00020809/01. wma
According to the classic repertoire in the cross of changes, the advertisement made by China Life Insurance on CCTV is used as background music.
26. sundial dreams-sun dream
We recommend the music to be played at the wedding, sundial dreams from Kevin keen. As soon as Kevin Keen was born, he found the world by the touch and feeling of amblyopia. For this reason, his music was more delicate and sensitive, at the same time, you can also feel a precious emotion that is as hard-won as the other half of your life.
This "sundial dreams" is from Kevin Keen's first album "in enchentedgarden". The pure Wan melody is like a lover whispering in his ear, wrapped in a gentle breath. This kind of sincere and strong emotion and simple and beautiful artistic conception sent out in the music is not like the feeling of new people in the wedding, full of dreams, vision and sweetness!
27. the rain marks kiss the rain T0)
I like playing the piano with Yiruma playing the sound of the big pearl and small pearl on the tray. It seems like talking to me. I think kiss the rain is like a girl. I like a person's mood, even if I like it, you can only kiss the rain silently .....
Kiss The Rain, The hand of YIRUMA, a Korean musician who is best at describing love, as well as background piano music in The summer.


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