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Classic games-full set of secrets (with answers) it's a little difficult to think about a new game that has been played in the shadows of the moon. You can see who can come out of the secret room. There are three secret rooms. These three games are a little connected. the Blue Room is the most difficult to be green followed by the red. The simplest answer is that I have to attach it to the back of the room.

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Solution to chamber escape:

Red Room: 1. Click the bowl and find ring 1. 2. Click two empty drawers and find the empty Album box and the gray tab paper. 3. Click the shadow under the Cabinet and find the tape. Go to the red wall, click the purple red area at the bottom left to find the battery. 4. Go to the bed, click the pillow, find the key, and 5. Click the yellow shadow at the bottom to find a stick. Turn to the curtain, open the curtain, and find the second key. 6. pull the curtain repeatedly, click the purple area below, and find ring 2. So far, the basic elements to be found are as follows. 7. Use two keys to open the locked drawer and find the wire and a box. 8. Click the wire, click the CD host, turn on the power, and click the switch. The light is on the right. Click the CD warehouse port. The key is displayed. 9. Click the gray label in the item, and scrape the gray part of the label with the help of the cans. Remember the password. 10. Click the box and place the two rings on the round hole in order. Click the stick and place it on the rectangular hole. 11. Click the box shadow to open the box. Set the tapes and batteries respectively, and click the area in the box to start the screening. At the end of the day, the villain appeared with his fingers at a place, and a small cross windmill appeared three times. Move the cursor to this place. Remember: you cannot click it. Otherwise, click it again. Until the screening is completed. The password box appears at the place of the Cross windmill. 12. Enter the password you remembered above into the Password box, and then use the big key to open the Password box. Remove the screwdrivers. 13. Use a screw driver at the lower left of the door to crack the door lock.

Green Room: 1. Turn on the light and turn left (in the lower left corner of the dot-drawn plane, and turn right). "If" is found under the shoe in the shoe cabinet; 2 is found at the bottom of the shoe cabinet. Turn left and find the "like" image under the yellow MAT; 3. Turn left, and find "many" pictures and a bunch of incense on the left and right sides of the top cell in the closet. The red notebook of the second cell cannot be locked, two photos in the yellow album are found in the bottom cupboard; 4. click the red blanket on the ground !! Click Close, find the key at the left hand wrist, find the medicine bottle in the right hand, click the red rope object at the calf to fold the blanket, and find that there is a password lock on the foot (temporarily not open ), click the red carpet in the item bar, and click the view object below to zoom in. The red blanket in the big picture gets the cross body: 5. Turn left, and place it diagonally at the blue door (that is, the blue door with holes, not the first door, on the lampshade, we found "Luo" text pictures (small red blocks, click carefully), and found "honey" text pictures on the wall; (small white blocks) 6. Turn left and find "wave" text images and a beer in the refrigerator; (beer is not needed first, because the skeleton is frozen) and a sheet of paper is found in the red bucket next to it, turn on some black hair. Remember: Click the paper with black hair, click to view the object, enlarge the paper, and put more paper. Then you can get a lighter 7 under the red bucket. Use the key to open a red notebook. In the diary, you can find the girl's birthday, that is, the password on the foot of the opening skull. On June 1, February 9 (0209, the password seems to be random), and you will get a CD, 8. Enlarge the paper with hair, a lighter, and a piece of paper. You can burn out something and enlarge the medicine bottle. There are two medicines in it, a piece of paper with proverbs, and a Green Cross, according to the proverbs (read from left to right) and the burned-out number, you can put six images (randomly placed) into a four-byte body. In the 3rd lattice of the closet, there are incense burner and bread (Red beside it). Put the CD box behind the incense burner and put the incense on the left of the incense burner, the pot of beer is fragrant to the left (for ice). It is fragrant to the ground, fragrant to the ground, and the skeleton is standing up, rising to heaven in the sound.

Blue Room:

1. Find a stroke in the drawer. 2. Find a blank white paper under the red sofa cushion. 3. Face the painting station, click the frame on the wall, click the upper right corner, then the upper left corner, and then the center, the painting will fall, there is a 10 thousand yuan yen on the wall. 4. Turn left, click the bottom of the white pipe on the wall, and find something yellow 5. Click White Paper to zoom in. Click a pen and then write "help me" on the paper ". 6. Yen, pen, and a pair of glasses, hair, and beard. 7. Click something yellow to zoom in. You can open it and put the paper into it. Click the main screen, put the yellow stuff into the original tube, and press the red button next to it, the things will rise in the tube again. 8. When I fell down, I took out the paper and found that the paper was painted with a starting symbol. 9. The number is 4357*63. (check your mobile phone number, corresponding to help me. The number of the letters belongs to the number.) after you hear OK, click something yellow to enlarge it and open it, put the money in. Click the main screen, put the yellow stuff into the original tube, and press the red button next to it, the things will rise in the tube again. He gave you the key ~ Haha 10. You can open the door again.

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