Classic garbled "Hot and Hot" and "Tun Tun Tun"

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I feel that these days someone is interested in my network name, today I will briefly introduce the origin of my network name.

Program Ape has a classic internal joke: hand-held two 锟 jin, mouth cries hot hot hot.

People who have written the code have come across it.

Hot hot and Tuen Mun Tuen Mun generated from the VC, which is the debug mode VC initialization of the operation of the memory. The VC initializes the newly allocated memory in the stack to 0XCC, and initializes the newly allocated memory in the heap to 0xCD. (0xcc happens to be a terminal instruction int 3, is it protected?) The 0XCC and 0xCD are printed according to characters, which is hot and tun.

And 锟 Jin, this is caused by character encoding. In the conversion process from the old encoding system to Unicode, some characters cannot be converted, so Unicode gives them a special placeholder u+fffd, which is represented by UTF-8 as \XEF\XBF\XBD. If there are two connected \xef\xbf\xbd\xef\xbf\xbd, according to two byte a word display into Chinese characters, it becomes 锟 Jin copy of the three words.

Classic garbled "Hot and Hot" and "Tun Tun Tun"

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