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Life is like a box of chocolate, and you never know what you will get.
-- A ganzheng Chuan


The stars are bright everywhere, so you can see if you have looked up at them.
-- Glass cylinder


Half of the people in the world do not understand the happiness of the other half.
-- Emma


You think I am poor. Isn't it beautiful? If God gives me good looks and wealth, I will make it difficult for you to leave me! Just as it's hard for me to leave you now!
-- Jane


What is right? When a person commits a crime, the judge sentenced him to death according to law. This is not right, it is justice. When a person commits the same sin, the Emperor can sentence him to the death penalty, or choose not to sentence him to the death penalty, so he is forgiven. This is called a right!
-- Singleton list


God will take the best thing around us to remind us that we get too much!
-- Four feathers


Holding your hand is like holding your right hand without feeling it, but it hurts to cut it down! (The End Of Love)
-- Sigh


We must learn to cherish every day of our lives, because the beginning of each day will be the first day of our remaining lives. Unless we are about to die.
-- American Beauty


A lot of things are gone, just like the fireworks lost in the wind. It makes me too late to say goodbye and disappear.
-- 40 men


I have heard from others that there is a bird in the world that has no feet. It can only fly all the time. When it gets tired, it sleeps in the wind. Such a bird can only go to the ground once in a lifetime, the other side is when it dies.
-- Afei zhengchuan


Give me a chance. I want to be a good person!
Come out and try again later!
-- No channels


Mongodong: The man is dead, and everything is done.
Lan Yu: the memory is not complete yet!
-- Lanyu


Life is full of coincidence, and two parallel lines will have an intersection day.
-- Move left to right


There are no bad people in this world, only buyers and sellers.
-- Green Tea


I want you to know that someone in this world will always be waiting for you. At any time, wherever you are, you know that there will always be such a person.
-- Half Life


When I stood before the waterfall, I felt very sad. I always felt that two people were standing here.
-- Spring Festival


What is the difference between being a person without a dream and a salted fish?
-- Shaolin football


Do not trust beautiful women, especially naked women without clothes.
-- Tianyao trap


I have served YOU!
-- Westward journey


Chaotic world
Everything except you, prosperity, and background
This drama goes live
It's a pity to pay for your youth
-- I have a date with Spring Festival.


Every day, you have the opportunity to get rid of many people, And you or you have no idea about them, but maybe one day he will become your friend or confidant.
--: Chongqing Forest


Life is not a movie, and life is worse than a movie.
-- Heaven cinema


Maybe every man has two such women, at least two. I married a red rose. Over time, the red color changes the mosquito blood on the wall. The white color is still "Moonlight in front of the bed". I married the White Rose, and the white color is a rice paste on the clothes, the red is a cinnabar moles on the heart.
-- Red Rose and White Rose


"When I was a child, I watched the stars all over the sky. When the meteor flew over, I was always too late to make a wish. When I grew up, I met people I really liked, but it was still too late ."
-- Endless love


I think life is the most important thing, so in my heart, nothing can be solved.
Not everyone is lucky enough to live their ideal life. If there is a building and a car, of course, it's good. Don't you cry? Therefore, we must enjoy our lives.
-- New: no regrets


The farthest distance in the world Is not life or death, but standing in front of you cannot say: "I love you"
-- Star wishes


There are only two types of people in the world: deceiving and deceived
-- "Never night City"


Love means you never need to say sorry.
-- Love story


"Is life hard or only childhood bitter ?" "This is life ."
-- This killer is not too cold


From now on, you only hurt me, pet me, don't lie to me, promise me to do everything, and say everything to me with sincerity, do not bully me, scold me, believe me, others bully me, you want to help me in the first time, I am happy, you will be happy with me, I am not happy, you will make me happy. You will always think that I am the most beautiful, and you will see me in your dreams. This is the only thing in your heart.
---- Hedong shile

First, do not call her gentle.
Second, don't ask her to have more than three drinks; otherwise, she will fight for others;
Third, be sure to drink coffee, cola or orange juice in the cafe;
Fourth, if she beat you, it must be difficult to install. If it is really painful, it should be OK;
Fifth, you must send a rose to her class on the first day you know. she will like it very much;
Sixth, you must learn to fencing and play squash;
7. Be prepared to go to jail at any time;
8. If she says she will kill you, don't take it seriously, so you will feel better;
9. If her shoes are uncomfortable, you must replace them with her;
10. She likes writing. You should encourage her.
---- My savage girlfriend


There was a sincere love in front of me, and I did not cherish it. When I lost it, I regret it. This is the most painful thing in the world. If God could give me another chance, I would say three words to the girl: I love you. If you have to add a deadline for this fall in love, I hope it will be ...... 10 thousand years
---- Westward journey


When you are young, you may think that there is no answer in your life. Every day, you have the opportunity to get rid of many people. Some people may become your friends or confidant, so I have never given up any chance to contact people. Sometimes it's hard for you to break your head and take care of him! Just be happy.
---- Fallen angel


If I have an extra ticket, will you come with me ?"
---- Flowers and years


After many years, I have a nickname called Xidu, and anyone can become a zombie. As long as you try something, it's called jealousy. I don't mind what others think of me. I just don't want others to be happier than me. I think some people will never be jealous because they are so proud. When I debuted, I met a person who liked to appear in the East. So many years later, he had a nickname called dongxie.
Do you know the difference between drinking and drinking? The more warm the wine is, the more cold the water is. The more you forget a person, the more you remember him. A person's headache is that his memory is too good. If he can forget everything, every day will be a new start. How good do you say.
Everyone will go through this stage and want to know what is behind the mountain when they see a mountain. I would like to tell him that you may find nothing special if you go beyond the mountains. Looking back, you may think this side is better.
Everyone will stick to their own beliefs. In the eyes of others, it is a waste of time, but she thinks it is very important.
---- East evil and Western drugs


If there is a grievance, there will be a rivers and lakes. People are rivers and lakes. How do you quit?
---- Invincible in the east


Lost things will never come back
---- Leng Shan

I am desperately studying for the future. Who knows there is no future!
---- Day after tomorrow


Forgetting is also a kind of happiness ......
---- Kung fu


In fact, love is time-based. It is impossible to know her too early or too late. If I know her in another time or space, the ending may be different.
---- 2046


Respect God's name in the sky, love your own women, and protect your motherland
---- Troy


The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing that requires extra caution
---- Harry Potter


I don't believe in heaven, because I 've been stuck in this hell for too long.
---- Arthur


One side is a common reality and the other side is a beautiful lie. Which one do you choose?
---- Big fish dad


High-level society is built on poverty and ignorance ......
---- Fahrenheit 9.11


We get to know each other too quickly, kiss too quickly, get in touch too quickly, and get tired of each other too quickly.
---- Little things in the city


Heaven and Earth are born with me, and everything is unique with me
---- Baby in love


The larger the capability, the heavier the responsibility.
---- Spider


Aren't you saying that love doesn't require language?
---- She is really handsome.


Never make a real mistake.
---- Ten-faced ambush


I have the heart to the moon, but the moon shines in the ditch
---- No thieves in the world


I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you !"
---- The Lord of the Rings trilogy: The king is now


Don't forget where we come from, who we are
---- The last warrior


We Tibetan eat meat and knives against ourselves.
---- Hokkhot


It takes a strong man to save himself, and a great man to save another. Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies! Get busy living, Or get busy dying.
Fear makes you a prisoner. Hope to regain your freedom. A strong person can only redeem himself. A great person can save others. Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe it is the best thing, and never has a good thing to die! Busy or waiting for death.
---- Xiao shenke salvation


Your breath is rain. Before I die, how eager Gan Lin can land on my face again
---- British patient


We have a saying in China that we should die early and get off life early. If this is a bad life, we will have a next life.
----- Big name


If the moonlight shines at my door when the moon rises at night, I hope that the goddess of moonlight can satisfy my wish. I want a pair of human hands. I want to hold my lover in my arms with my hands, even once. If I have never tasted the warmth, maybe I will not be so cold; if I have never felt the sweetness of love, I may not be so bitter. If I haven't met a kind of perger, and I have never left my room, I don't know how lonely I was.
---- Edward scissors


I am willing to wander around you, become a wild ghost for seven days, and follow you. Even in the dark, my love will not make me a permanent soul ......
---- Crouching Tiger, hiding Dragon


Life cannot be like cooking, and all the ingredients are ready for cooking.
---- Catering for men and women

To be or not to be, that's a question.
Whether to survive or die is a problem.
-- Hamlet (Hamlet)


Understand your needs and satisfy your desires
---- Novogene


Lord, forgive them! They don't know anything.
---- Jesus Christ


Years are like torch, and beauty is like grass
---- Beauty grass


I am willing to pay for everything, just to contact you again!
---- The ghost is gone


Many times, if you love someone too deeply, they will get drunk,
And hate for too long, the heart is easy to break.
The most painful thing in the world is waiting,
I don't know how long she waited for me,
I always thought I would never see her again,
Suddenly, I don't know how to speak,
I don't know how to say the first sentence,
Tell her that I really love her.
It turns out that there are many troubles in the world that can be easily solved,
Some things, as long as you are willing to look at them in turn, you will have another look,
I finally understand what the quiet flower water month means,
In fact, you should have me, and I have you,
What is the relationship between men and women,
If two people are happy together,
Today, she is a bully. Maybe it will be my turn tomorrow.
---- Unparalleled in the world


"I waited for this opportunity for three years, not to prove that I am better than others, but to prove that I have lost something and I must win it back ".
------ True heroes


"You can say that I am a running dragon, but you can't say that I am a 'smelly runner !"
------ King of comedy


My biggest failure in my life is my love for the sea, which makes me unable to be down-to-earth.
---- Double City story


Some people live in a lifetime in a minute.
Someone spent his whole life in one minute.
---- Scent Of A Woman female


If God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I shocould have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you. I am not talking to you now through the medium of M, ventionalities, nor even of mortal flesh: it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as if both had passed through the grave, and we stood at God's feet, equal-as we are!
If God gives me wealth and beauty, I will make it difficult for you to leave me, just as now I am difficult to leave you. God did not do this, and our soul is equal, as if we were two people walking through the grave, standing at the foot of God, and equal to each other-that's what we were doing !"
---- Jane Eyre (Jane)


You make me want to be a better man!
---- As Good As It Gets (perfection)

I will die before your aging, so that the memories I leave will always be our new happiness.
------ Barber's lover


When I was a child, I watched the stars all over the sky, but when the meteor flew over, it was always too late to make a wish. When I grew up, I met my favorite person, but it was still too late.
---- Endless love


There are so many towns and towns in the world, and she walked into my
------- Casablanca


Do you know where your weakness is? You are so beautiful and eye-catching! It should be like me, a little low-key, let people look down on you, In order to dress up as a pig to eat tigers!
---- Devil spokesman


"True love belongs to adults. "
----- Langfang dream


"Cars are the same as human beings. Sometimes they have to stop and sometimes rush. "
---- Extreme legend


It is useless to work hard. If you have such feelings, you cannot help yourself. If this happens, the man will die. Otherwise, how can we make the hero sad?
---- China South Sea bodyguard


When I decide to spend the rest of my life with you
---- When Harry Met Sally


This minute, you and I are together, because you, I will remember that minute. From now on, we are friends of one minute. This is a fact. You cannot change it because it has been completed.
---- Afei zhengchuan


The love line, lifeline, and career line in my hands are all spelled out by your name.
---- City of glass


Do you think you can't find you after hiding it? Useless! A good man like you, no matter where you are, is as clear and outstanding as a dark Firefly. Your melancholy eyes, the shortest Hu chi, the powerful knife, and the cup of dry martine are deeply fascinated by me. However, although you are doing this well, you have to pay off the night pass last night in whatever way, so that women don't have to pay for it?
---- Domestic zero paint


The dark night gave me a pair of black eyes, but I used it to find the light. I looked at you through it, and you were as transparent as ice in a glass.


"Even if they hurt each other, we will not separate them. As long as the two are together, even if they are sometimes hurt, the wound will always heal. Because I can hear his voice ."
-"Say Love Me"


"Please stay with me. I don't mind if you hate me. As compensation, I will love you more ."
---- Love Century


It's just in front of Kara that I feel a little human ......
---- Kala is a dog


Suspicion and lie. **, This is more and more like marriage.
---- Face changing


"You must do me this honor... promise me you will keep ve... that you will never give up... no matter what happens... no matter how hopeless... promise me now, and never let go of that promise.
---- Titanic


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