Classic quotations from Niu Gensheng cannot be missed!

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1. Xiaosheng depends on wisdom and wins over morality.

2. If you have the energy, you will be able to enjoy the sweat. If you have the knowledge, you will give up your wisdom. If you do not have either, please give up your post.

3. The city has a cup of milk, and the country has a rich family.

4. gathering wealth and gathering wealth.

5. A product with eye-catching eyes and ears is not as warm as heart-warming.

6. A person has intellectual problems and is inferior. A person's soul has problems, that is, dangerous goods. People's minds are the business.

7. A good state of mind.

8. help others, but do not hurt others.

9. If you want to know, please turn it upside down.

10. From nothing to existence is a happy thing. From having to having nothing is also a pleasure.

11. The product market is a hundred millions of citizens, the capital market is ten million investors, and the raw material market is one million farmers.

12. It's really nice to benefit people who don't know you.

13. When you suffer from any loss, you will not suffer. If it is bitter, The Sweetness will increase.

14. I want to win three times and two times, three years and five years, and I just want to have an IQ. I want to be a century-old store, and I want to win for my whole life. It is absolutely impossible without a German merchant.

15. Learn hard, do well, learn well, and do well.

16. The product is equal to the character, and the quality is the life.

17. Looking at others is not pleasing to the eye, first of all, it is not enough self-cultivation.

18. Learn the most from the most unsatisfied customers.

19. Management is a serious love.

20. A business is the heart of a business.

21. People cannot bring money into the grave, but money can bring people into the grave.

22. A person's happiness is not because he owns more, but because he cares less.

23. Whether a business can succeed depends on system design.

24. Others started from scratch, while I started from negative numbers.

25. A person who cannot hear flattering is lucky, but a person who cannot hear criticism is dangerous.

26. Treat every ox well because they are mothers.

27. layout determines the outcome.

28. There are still many things in the world. As long as you have done it thoroughly and become an expert, you will be able to create a successful opportunity for yourself.

29. Talking products sell fast, and dumb products are slow.

30. If you take the 5-point power to compete with others, others will take 12 points to compete with you.


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