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Few people can provide me with a steady stream of intangible power. Steve Jobs is one of them. His quotations do not sound like rhetoric, but rather a mantra of words and sincerity, making people willing to accept the guidance. Yesterday at a friend's blog
Once again inspired by his famous saying, the customer finds out to share with you: "You have limited time, so don't live for others. Do not be limited by dogma, and do not live in others' ideas. Don't let others
People's opinions influence their own inner voices. The most important thing is to be brave enough to follow your own mind and intuition. Only your own mind and intuition will know your own real thoughts, and everything else will be secondary. "

His achievements and Personality Charm have influenced the generation and the whole world.
He is the founder of an Apple Computer Company with fantastic legends.
Steve Jobs. This dreamer in the personal computer field leads and changes the entire computer hardware and software industry.

This energetic and charming guy is also an encouraging master. Even in his normal conversations, classic statements are often blurted out.

Here we have extracted some of his classic quotations. I hope these quotations will help you:

"The difference between leaders and followers lies in innovation ."

There is no limit to innovation! As long as you dare to think, there is nothing impossible, immediately jump out of the box of thinking. If you are in a rising sunrise industry, try to find a more effective solution: more attractive to consumers,
A more concise business model. If you are in a shrinking industry, you can quickly leave your business to change jobs or switch industries before you become unable to keep up with the times. Don't delay. start innovating now!

"Being synonymous with excellence, many people are not suitable for environments that require outstanding quality ."

There is no shortcut to success. You must turn excellence into one of your traits. Maximize your talent, talent, and skills
Put everyone else behind you. High standards and strict self-Attention
Focus on the details that will change everything. It's not difficult to become superior-Do your best from now on-you will find your life
It will give you an amazing return.

"The only way to make great achievements is to love your career. If you haven't found a career that you love, keep searching and don't give up. Follow your own hearts and you will find them one day ." I put this
The phrase "do what I love ". Find a career that brings meaning, value, and enrichment to your life. With a sense of mission and purpose, we can bring meaning, value, and enrichment to our lives. This is not only for you
And even if you are in trouble, you will feel good. On every Monday morning, can you get up and look forward to working days? If not, you have to try again.
Search. You will feel that you have found it.

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"Not everyone needs to plant their own food, and not everyone needs to make their own clothes. We speak languages invented by others and use mathematics invented by others... We have been using others' achievements.
Using existing human experience and knowledge for invention and creation is a great thing ."

Live with a sense of responsibility, try to bring something meaningful to the world, and make some contribution to a more noble thing. In this way, you will find that life is more meaningful and life is no longer boring. We need to do a lot of things.
Tell other people about your plans, don't advocate, Don't be self-righteous, or blindly fanatic. That will only scare people away. Of course, you should not be afraid to be an example, seize the opportunity to let people know what you are doing

"In Buddhism, there is one sentence: the mentality of beginners; having a mentality of beginners is a great thing ." Do not confuse yourself with the appearance and gain insight into the nature of the transaction. The mentality of beginners is the Zen of the mobile school. Beginner
The mentality means not to guess without reason, not to expect, not to be arbitrary or biased. A beginner's mind is as curious, curious, and admired as a newborn faces the world.

"We think that when we watch TV, the human brain basically stops working. When we turn on the computer, the brain starts to run ."

Over the past decade, a large number of theoretical studies have shown that television is harmful to human spirit and mind. Most TV viewers know that this bad habit wastes time and slows down their brains, but they still choose to stay.
In front of the TV. Turn off the TV and save yourself some brain cells. Also, the computer will make your brain show up. If you don't believe it, you will spend eight hours a day playing first-View Design games and cars.
Let's talk to people playing interactive games and role-playing games. You will also come up with this.

"I am the only one I know who lost $0.25 billion in a year... This is very helpful for my growth ." Making mistakes is not equal to making mistakes. No successful person has ever failed or made a mistake.
Conversely, successful people make corrections after making a mistake, and then they will not make the mistake again next time. They regard the mistake as a warning rather than a complete failure. Never making mistakes means you have never really lived.


"I am willing to exchange all my technologies for an afternoon with Socrates ."

For more than a decade, books about historical figures have emerged in bookstores around the world. These figures include Socrates, Da Vinci, cobaini, Darwin, and Einstein, who have become the beacon of inspiration.
Bottom-up ranking first. Siserro commented on Socrates: "He has made philosophy highly relevant to people ." Apply the principle of Socrates to your life, work, study, and people and customs
It's not about Socrates, it's about yourself, and how you bring more truth, goodness, and beauty to your daily life.

"Is there any other reason to live to change the world ?"

Do you know what missions you must fulfill in your life? Do you know that when you drink a cup of coffee or do something meaningless, these missions are covered with dust? We are born
With one thing, it indicates our desire, interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity. This is our mission. You don't need any authority to judge your mission, no boss
Teachers, parents, priests, and any authority can help you decide. You
You need to find this unique mission on your own.

"You have limited time, so do not live for others. Do not be limited by dogma, and do not live in others' ideas. Do not let others' opinions influence your inner voice. The most important thing is to be brave enough to follow your own
Mind and intuition: only your own mind and intuition can know your own real thoughts. Everything else is secondary ."

Are you tired of living for others? Don't hesitate. This is your life and you have absolute autonomy.
Right to determine how to live, do not be bound by what others do. Give yourself a chance to cultivate your creativity. Don't be afraid, don't worry. Live your chosen life and be your boss!

In the beginning, it may be difficult to penetrate into your life. However, if you learn these lessons and understand one sentence, you will discover a new self. Please try again

CEO of Apple
Steve Jobs's speech at Stanford University [Chinese and English] Apple Computer Company
Speaking to graduating college students at Stanford, CEO Steve Jobs said dropping out of college is the smartest choice he made in his life, because it forced him to learn innovation. Jobb
"You have limited time, so it is best not to waste it on imitating other people," said James, a veteran of graduates, alumni, and parents on the playground ."
-- Similarly, if you are still in school, it seems that you should not imitate the cattle who drop out of school.

You 've got to find what you love, 'Jobs says

Jobs said that you must find what you love.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Changbao hunger and thirst for knowledge, often empty

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