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Case study of Accenture
Last weekend, I went to a familiar western restaurant for dinner and found that the restaurant had just been decorated, and the clothes of the restaurant waiter had changed. I found that the waiters put a spoon in their jacket pockets. So I called Xiao Zhang, who was familiar with each other, and asked him about the recent changes. John told me that the restaurant owner recently invited Accenture to consult for business process restructuring to improve the restaurant's work efficiency and service quality.
After two weeks of on-site work, Accenture's consultants found that 33.333% of dining tables would experience a spoon drop on the floor. In the past, the waiter had to go to the kitchen to clean the spoon once. If a spare spoon is put in the waiter's jacket pocket, they do not have to run the kitchen once separately. They can switch the spoon the next time they are served, which increases the labor productivity of the waiter by 17. 365. as you said, the table next to me jingled: their spoon fell onto the ground. I saw Mr. Zhang calmly took out a spare spoon from his pocket and promptly changed the spoon for the guests.
Seeing this scenario, I admire Accenture for its consulting and suggestions. At this time, I noticed that there was a very thin rope out of the zipper of all the waiters, and its texture was the same as that of the hidden bra, so it was difficult to find out. So I asked Xiao Zhang the new question: "Why are you using this rope ?" Zhang looked around, tilted his body, and whispered, "good eyesight! Not everyone is observing like you !" Mr. Zhang went on to say: "Accenture found that the average number of urination times per shift was 5.125 through field observation and data analysis on the restaurant workflow, on average, it takes 1.306 minutes to wash your hands and dry your hands each time you urinate. Accenture's consultant suggested that we fasten this rope on it, and then pull our words out each time we urinate, to avoid hand exposure, which saves the trouble of hand washing and drying, it not only improves the labor productivity of waiters, but also saves restaurant water and electricity fees"
After hearing Xiao Zhang's introduction, I admire Accenture more. However, I still have a small question: "John, you can pull your words out with a rope, but how can you not put it back by hand ?" Once again, Mr. Zhang looked around his eyes cautiously and leaned down his body. In a smaller voice, he said to me, "I don't know how other people solve this problem, but I used the spoon.
Microsoft and millionaire

A person without a job went to Microsoft to find a job as a cleaner. After the interview and implementation (scanning the toilet ...... Later, the personnel department told him to accept the offer and asked him for an email address to send his admission notice and other documents.
"I don't have a computer, let alone e-mail address," he said. "The personnel department told him:" for Microsoft, people without email are the same as non-existent people, So Microsoft cannot use it. "
He was disappointed to leave Microsoft, with only ten dollars in his pocket. He had to go to the convenience store to buy 10 kilograms of potatoes, and sold them one by one. Two hours later, he sold out and made a profit of 100%.
He made several more business operations and doubled the cost. He found that he could earn money to support himself. As a result, he earnestly started this kind of business. With luck and effort, his business grew bigger and bigger, and he also bought cars and increased manpower.
Within five years, he established a large "door-to-door" Sales Company to provide services that people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at their home.
He planned to buy an insurance plan considering planning the future for his family. When signing the contract, the clerk asked him for an e-mail address. He again said, "I don't have a computer, let alone an e-mail address. "
The salesman was surprised: "You have a big company, but you don't have e-mail. Think about how much you can do if you have a computer or e-mail! "
"I will be a Microsoft cleaner," he said. "
1. You can survive or even become a millionaire without internet or email.
2. You need e-mail to work at Microsoft.
3. Because you have received this article, you are more likely to become a cleaner than a millionaire.

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