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When transmitting data with a friend over the network, you sometimes need to know the IP address of the Peer computer before establishing an information transmission channel with the peer.

How can I find the IP address of the other party? You may sneer at this problem. Indeed, querying the IP address of the other computer is not worth mentioning. However, when you want to list multiple IP address search methods, you may feel overwhelmed. Next, this article describes how to quickly and accurately search the computer ip address of a friend of the other party, and proposes the following methods. I believe this will help you!

1. Mail Query Method

When you use this method to query the IP address of the recipient's computer, first ask the recipient to send you an email, and then you can obtain the IP address of the computer where the sender is located by viewing the email attributes; the specific implementation steps of this method are as follows:

First, run the OutLook express program, and click the "accept all emails" button in the toolbar to accept the emails sent by friends. Then, open the inbox page and find the emails sent by friends, right-click and run the "attribute" command from the shortcut menu;

In the Property settings window that opens later, click the Details tab. On the displayed tab page, you will see "published ed: from xiecaiwen (unknown []). in this information, "" is the IP address of the Peer friend. Of course, if the peer friend sends you an email through the WEB mailbox in the Internet, the IP address you see here is not the real IP address of the workstation, but the IP address of the website where the WEB mailbox is located.

Of course, if you are using other mail client programs, the method for viewing the sender's IP address may be different from the above; for example, if you use foxmail to receive emails from friends, then you can select the target email in the inbox, and then click "mail" in the menu bar to select the "original information" command from the drop-down menu, you can see the IP address of the other friend in the interface.

2. log query method

In this way, you can use the firewall to monitor the QQ token record in real time, enable the log record of the firewall, and find the IP address of the Peer friend. This document uses the KV2004 firewall as an example to describe how to search the IP addresses of friends of the other party:

Considering that QQ chat with friends is performed through UDP protocol, you must first set up a KV firewall to automatically monitor the UDP port. Once data is found to have entered from the UDP port, it is automatically recorded. When setting the KV2004 firewall, click "rule Settings" on the firewall interface, and then click "new rule" to bring up the setting window;

Enter "Search IP Address" in the "name" text box in the window, and also enter "Search IP Address" in the "Description" text box. Then, in the "network condition" setting item, select the "Accept data packet" check box and set "IP address of the other party" to "any address", without any configuration in the "local IP Address" settings;

Next, click the "UDP" label, select the "port range" option in the "local port" setting item under the tab page, and enter "0" in the Start box ", enter "65535" in the end box. Similarly, select the "port range" option in the "peer port" setting, and enter "0" in the Start box ", enter 65535 in the end box ".

Next, select the "pass" option in "when all conditions are met" and select the "record" option in "other processing, the "rule object" setting item does not need to be set. After completing all the above settings, click "OK" and return to the main interface of the firewall; select the newly created "Search IP Address" rule in the main interface, and click "save" to save the preceding settings.

After completing the above settings, The KV firewall will automatically monitor the QQ token record throughout the process. Once the other friend sends you QQ information, the IP address information of the Peer friend will automatically appear in the log file of the firewall. At this time, you can go to the installation directory of the KV firewall and find and open the "kvfwlog" file, you can search for the IP addresses of your friends.

3. Tool Query Method

This method uses a professional IP address query tool to quickly search the IP address of the other computer. For example, with a search tool named WhereIsIP, you can easily search for the IP addresses of friends of the other party based on their Web site addresses, you can even search the physical location of your friends. When you use the WhereIsIP program to search the IP address of the other party, first start the program to open the search interface, and then click the "Web site" button on the interface, in the subsequent window, enter the Web address of the other friend, and click "next", so that the program can automatically contact the Domain Name Whois database on the Internet, then, search for the IP address corresponding to the Web site address from the database. Of course, in addition to knowing the IP address, you can also know the specific physical location of the other party's friends.

If you want to view the IP address of a workstation in the LAN, you can use tools such as "Network assassin II" to help you. As long as you run this tool to access its main interface, then, run the "IP address <-> host name" command in the toolbar. In the dialog box that appears later, enter the computer name of the Peer friend, and then click the "convert to IP" button, you can get the IP address of the computer where the other friend is located.

If you use the Oicqsniffer tool, it is easier to query the IP addresses of QQ friends. As long as you click the "tracking" button on the program interface and send a QQ message to the peer friend, The Oicqsniffer tool will automatically display the IP address and port number of the Peer friend. In addition, there are many professional tools to find IP addresses, such as IPsniper software.

4. Command Query Method

In this way, you can use the built-in network command "netstat" in the Windows system to find the IP address of a friend of the other party, however, this method requires you to first try to invite your friends to QQ's "two-person world" and say a few words. The specific implementation steps of this method are as follows:

First, click the start/Run Command. In the displayed system run dialog box, enter the cmd command and click OK to switch the screen to the MS-DOS working state; then execute the "netstat-n" command in the doscommand line. In the displayed interface, you can see which addresses have been connected to your computer (if the status of a connection is "Established ", it indicates that the connection between your computer and the other computer is successful );

Next, open the QQ program, invite the other party's friends to join the "two-person world", and chat with them a few words, so that your computer will establish a TCP connection with the other party's friends computer; then, run the "netstat-n" command in the doscommand line to see which tcp connection is added. The newly added connection is actually the UDP connection between the other friend and you, view the "Foreign Address" in the corresponding connection to know the IP Address of the Peer friend.

5. ping Check Method

In this way, the ping command is used to check whether the current computer can communicate with the website of the other friend. During the check, the address can automatically obtain the IP address of the other website. For example, if you want to search the IP address of the Tianji website, you can first open the system running dialog box, enter the "ping" string command in it, and then click "OK, in the pop-up window, you can know the IP address of the website. Similarly, you can search the IP addresses of other websites.

Well, there are several common methods to Query IP addresses of friend computers. If you have other better methods, please continue to improve them!

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