Classical ancient love poems

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Touching ancient Chinese love poems, all come in to pin down ............

Guan guanpique, in the continent of the river. Ladies and gentlemen. The left and right sides of the food. Please be a lady. No, please think about it. Leisurely and leisurely. You can pick it up from left to right. Ladies and gentlemen, qinseyou. The left and right sides. Fair lady, happy. -- Zhou nanguan, Song of the Book of Songs in the Spring and Autumn Period (one of the "Guofeng ")
Shangxie! I want to know each other. Mountains and rivers are exhausted, winter thunder and earthquake, summer rain and snow, heaven and earth are combined, and dare to win! -- Shangxie, hanhan Lefu
How many red beans are sent in spring? I hope you can collect more data. -- Tang wangweiacacia
Last year, peach blossoms were red. People do not know where to go, peach blossom still smile spring breeze. -- Tang Cui youzheng capital Nanzhuang
Yang liuqing, Qingjiang, and Wen langjiang sang. East sunrise West rain, there is no clear road and clear. -- Tang liuyuxi bamboo (3)
Once the sea was difficult for water, but Wushan was not a cloud. Take the flowers for lazy review, half-margin repair half-margin. -- Tang yuanli Lisi
Too many ???? More than 13, the beginning of February.
Spring Breeze Shili Yangzhou Road, roll beaded curtain always do not know.
Although passionate, they seem to be heartless.
The candle has a heart and don't worry, tears for another person to dawn. -- Don Dumu's farewell (second)
It was difficult to meet each other, and Dongfeng was powerless. Spring silkworms to the dead silk side, wax torch into gray tears began to dry.
Xiao Jing, but worried about cloud reform, night Yin should feel the moonlight cold. There are no routes to Pengshan, and qingniao is diligent in exploring. -- Tang lishang has no question
Last night, stars wind last night, and the painting building is on the east side of guitang. Without the colorful Phoenix Wings, you can feel the best.
Send hook spring wine warm seat, Cao shot covered wax red. Yan Yu listened to Gu Ying's official visit and went to the marathon class. -- Tang lishang has no question
Jin Se has fifty strings for no reason, and a string is a Sihua Nian. Zhuang Sheng Xiaomeng fan butterfly, hope the Emperor spring heart to trust the cuckoo.
There are tears in the pearl of the sea and the moon. This situation can be recalled, but it was just stunned! -- Tang lishangyin jinse
I advise you not to cherish the money when you are a teenager. Straight to fold, do not wait for no flowers empty fold. -- Tang duqiu Niang jinziyi
Slim cloud makes a coincidence, and the Flying Stars hate each other. When Jin Feng Yu Lu meets each other, there will be countless wins.
Tenderness is like water, and a period of time is like a dream. If it is a long time, are you in the Twilight? -- Magpie Bridge fairy in the Northern Song Dynasty
Stay on the risk of the dangerous buildings, look at the spring sorrow, the life of the sky. In the light of the grass-colored smoke, who will give up without saying anything?
It is intended to make the crazy figure drunk, the wine is a song, strong music is still tasteless. When the clothes are getting wider, I don't regret it. -- Liu Yong butterfly in Northern Song Dynasty
Ten years of life and death! Never mind, never forget. A thousand miles of grave, nowhere to speak miserable.
Even if we don't know each other, the dust is full, like frost.
At night, I dreamed of returning to my hometown. Xiaoxuan window, dressing up. Gu wordless, only tears.
Expected to be interrupted every year, tomorrow night, short job. -- Su shijiangcheng, Northern Song Dynasty
On the first night of last year, the city lights were like a day. The beginning of the Moon, people around dusk.
On the first night of this year, the moon and the lamp remain. Not seeing people last year, tears full of spring shirt sleeves. -- Ouyang xiusheng, Northern Song Dynasty
The flowers fade red and the apricots are small. When the swallows fly, the green water is around. On the branches, Liu Mian blew less, and there was no grass in the end of the world!
Swing in the walls, pedestrians, and laughter in the walls. The laughter gradually fades away, But the emotion is heartless. -- Su Shi butterfly in Northern Song Dynasty
Dongfeng night flowers and trees, more blow, stars such as rain. BMW's car xiangmanlu, fengyi,
The light of the jade pot turns, and the fish and Dragon Dance all night long. Moth snow Willow yellow wisp, smile Ying dark incense to go.
Looking for her in the crowd, suddenly looking back, that person is in, lights dim. -- Qing Yu case of Xin Qiji in Southern Song Dynasty (Yuan Xi)
Color is not lost to everyone, and the eyes of the lover are Xi Shi. A thousand miles to meet, three smile in vain when a crazy. -- Clear Huang Zeng, set the Hangzhou slang set
Red coupling fragrance residual Yu Yi Qiu; light solution Luo Yi, alone Lan Zhou. Who sent a brocade book in the cloud?
When the yundun word back, the moon and the West floor, the flowers and the water flow, a kind of lovesickness, Two Idle sorrow.
This situation can be eliminated, but my brow is raised. -- Song and Li Qingzhao Yi, Xiaomei
Long ting Road, green Yang fangcao, easy to throw people; the first building of the dream five more minutes, spent the end Of the sorrow of March rain.
Heartless not like passionate bitter, one inch is still a thousand miles; when there is a poor corner of the world, only Acacia endless. -- Song Yan Shu Mu Orchid
I live in the Yangtze River head, and I live in the tail of the Yangtze River; Sun and Sun are not seeing the king, drinking the Yangtze river water.
How long does the water take off? When I hate it? I only wish my heart could feel lost! -- Song lizhiyi Bu Operator

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