Classical crystal report design-a table with many columns and a very long horizontal space

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1. In the "Print Settings" dialog box, select the "horizontal" option to print the report horizontally.

2. In the "page settings" dialog box, narrow the top margin, bottom margin, left margin, and right margin.

3. All report objects are displayed vertically.

(1) rotate all report objects to 270 degrees, including fields, text, images, and page numbers.
Right-click the report object and select "format" to go to the "format editor dialog box ". Select the "public" tab and select 270 in the "text rotation" drop-down list box.

(2) Vertically lengthen objects to ensure that they can be displayed vertically.

(3) All sections should be stretched to accommodate objects.

(4) Place the page title in the upper right corner and the page number in the lower or lower right corner.

1. "public" tab ("format setting Editor" dialog box)
Use the public tab to set attributes for required fields, such as canceling, horizontal alignment, and keeping objects together.

2. Text Rotation
This list includes the rotation options that can be used for the selected fields. Use the "text rotation" option to vertically align fields and text-based objects on the report.

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